Changing to Blogspot

Sad to see this blog go…

Wes will now be found at The Upside Of Wes  – now a Blogspot site.

I will continue to keep this blog up as well as this post so followers can make the switch. 

Much love “Old Wes”, now on to a newer site that will actually work and grow with Wessie Poo!

Just because…

“There was a hippopotamus; Who hiccupped quite-a-lotamus.; And every time he got’emus …;

He’d fall upon his bottomus.”

– The HICCUPotamus By Aaron Zenz

This sums up Wes early in the morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and nighttime! Got to “love” acid reflux!

Some cute pics from tonight…


“Well, hello Mommy! What are you doing?”


“Mommy, I think you have enough picture of me.”


 “No more Mommarazzi!”


“I am so angry! I swear, if you don’t stop I will destroy my diaper! I’ll do it!”



Happy Friday all! Enjoy the weekend…

Happy 1 Month Boogersnots!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever, and I am sure that many of you have been anticipating his birthday right along with me since January.  I have been blessed with a healthy and happy baby. He is just so sweet and so in love with his mommy & daddy; he just looks at us like we’re celebrities and we will relish in that until he starts getting super feisty!

Here’s an update on our little man…

Weight: 7lbs. 7oz. (+1lb. 12oz.)

Height: 20 3/4″ (+2 1/4″)

Wessie Poo got so big! The funny thing is, if you compare him with “typical” kids, he’s 2% in weight, 10-25% in height and 5-10% in head circumference. Too funny! Well, Dr. H is going to be using the Down syndrome growth chart starting next month.

Speaking of Down syndrome growth chart, Wes has been enrolled into the CHOP Down Syndrome Growing Up study. This will go on from now until he is 20 years old. I’m really excited to have him be a part of the study so that our future children will have more accurate growth charts than we have today.


New pictures coming soon! I’m caught up on sleep and sanity and will be showing off his delicious baby rolls soon!

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