Changing to Blogspot

Sad to see this blog go…

Wes will now be found at The Upside Of Wes  – now a Blogspot site.

I will continue to keep this blog up as well as this post so followers can make the switch. 

Much love “Old Wes”, now on to a newer site that will actually work and grow with Wessie Poo!

Just because…

“There was a hippopotamus; Who hiccupped quite-a-lotamus.; And every time he got’emus …;

He’d fall upon his bottomus.”

– The HICCUPotamus By Aaron Zenz

This sums up Wes early in the morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and nighttime! Got to “love” acid reflux!

Some cute pics from tonight…


“Well, hello Mommy! What are you doing?”


“Mommy, I think you have enough picture of me.”


 “No more Mommarazzi!”


“I am so angry! I swear, if you don’t stop I will destroy my diaper! I’ll do it!”



Happy Friday all! Enjoy the weekend…

Happy 1 Month Boogersnots!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever, and I am sure that many of you have been anticipating his birthday right along with me since January.  I have been blessed with a healthy and happy baby. He is just so sweet and so in love with his mommy & daddy; he just looks at us like we’re celebrities and we will relish in that until he starts getting super feisty!

Here’s an update on our little man…

Weight: 7lbs. 7oz. (+1lb. 12oz.)

Height: 20 3/4″ (+2 1/4″)

Wessie Poo got so big! The funny thing is, if you compare him with “typical” kids, he’s 2% in weight, 10-25% in height and 5-10% in head circumference. Too funny! Well, Dr. H is going to be using the Down syndrome growth chart starting next month.

Speaking of Down syndrome growth chart, Wes has been enrolled into the CHOP Down Syndrome Growing Up study. This will go on from now until he is 20 years old. I’m really excited to have him be a part of the study so that our future children will have more accurate growth charts than we have today.


New pictures coming soon! I’m caught up on sleep and sanity and will be showing off his delicious baby rolls soon!

I Yam What I Yam!

I was just talking to my Down syndrome Facebook friend, Diane Grover, one of the founders of the IDSC. IDSC is the International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life that promotes how amazing individuals with Down syndrome are. What’s great about the IDSC is that they’re a neutral organization. You will not find bias information on that site regarding pro-life or pro-choice views. This site is focused on pro-women and strives to empower women to make the choice without pressure from outside sources.

In any event, we were chatting about the NDSC Conference when she asked me to pray for a person who landed on the site. Here’s what she wrote:

Okay, I just have to ask you ladies to say a little prayer, or send a good vibe, or great energy, whatever we all do. Someone is on IDSC site right now, after googling with the words “can I do an abortion with down syndrome” So glad they landed on our pretty site!!! Those faces are amazing, and I know they will see how beautiful their child will be!

This broke my heart. It’s the reality that I often block out of my mind.  People truly consider aborting a child with a disability. Take the disability out of the equation and you have a child.

A baby.

My Wes is my world. He makes me smile though my tears when I worry that others may not accept him for his “flaws”. He is perfect, regardless of when he will achieve certain milestones. He will. He will speak; he will read; he will walk, better yet, he will run!  He will do all things that you and I will do, just at his own pace.

I am sad. I am sad that I fear for his future. Yes. I cannot hide that fear because I do want so much for him.

But does that give me the right to chose life or death for him? No. He is an individual with his own amazing personality! I just wish those who felt the pressure to abort would understand that their baby, their sweet little love, is just full of life, emotion, and spunk!

Wes is everything I knew about him from early on.

He is feisty/ spicy – When he’s frustrated, he grunts and growls loudly! Today at infant massage, he wanted nothing to do with it. He made that clear when all the lights were dimmed, the yoga music playing, and the instructor talking softly. I almost felt embarrassed making him go because I know that all he wanted to do was sleep. He wouldn’t carry on, he just spoke his peace whenever I tried to engage him into the massage.

He is active – In utero, he would stretch, kick, and bounce around like a maniac. He is still like that! I can keep that kid under the play yard for an hour and he’s happy as a clam!

He is quiet and observant – My baby, though chatty as anything, will sit and take in the world around him. He did this from day one, and he will engage with you with those bright blueberry eyes. He just drinks in the world. When pregnant with him, he used to hide from my husband’s voice. I know now that he just loves his daddy and quietly takes in every word he says. 

He is a lover – Today Wes couldn’t get enough of his mommy. I held him today more than I have over the past month. My little independent baby just needed reassurance and love all day, and I was more than happy to oblige to his needs.  And when I held him, he would look at me in the eyes. It wasn’t a fleeting glance; it was as if he was asking me to love him even more. Nothing got done tonight, but it was the best night I’ve had in awhile.

So when I see reality slap me in the face… the reality that less than 10% of prenatally diagnosed mothers keep their baby… it kills me.

I could have given up this? This wonderfully spunky doll baby?

It’s painful to think that I had the choice. I had that choice at 18 weeks, and could have still had that choice at 20 some odd weeks. I felt Wes kick me at 18 weeks. Could you do it? Could you feel your baby in your belly kick and say, “No, you’re not perfect; I don’t want you.”

I hope not. No one is perfect.

I have come to appreciate life even more that I have Wes. He is what gets me to look at myself and think about what matters in life. He is what matters.

He may not say “Mommy” at the same time as a typical child would, but you know what? When he does, it will be even more special. I will appreciate that moment more than anything. And when he walks, I will be there rooting him on to go tackle the cats! I want him to do all those things that parents sometimes dread. When Wes can hold a Crayon, go ahead, draw on my walls. Then I know you’re working on your fine motor skills. I may not like this for too long, but seriously – it’s an amazing milestone and I will jump for joy when that little squirt isn’t looking.

In any event, Wes is my world. He is my little man that looks like Popeye when he’s first waking up. Yes, bald head, squinty eyes, forehead creases and a crooked smile. I love him. He is perfect.


These were a few of my favorite things!

Motherhood, as many of you know, is exhausting.Like, so exhausting you need to have a drink to calm down, turn off and get an hour or two of shut-eye.

It’s so exhausting that even when I do get sleep, I don’t want to do a thing. Not even my favorite things!

Couponing… I miss you dearly; I really mean it! Looking at my diminishing stockpile causes instant panic. “I only have 4 deodorants left, what do I do!?” “I can’t pay full price for deodorant! That’s a crime against humanity!”  It’s so upsetting because I look at my coupon binder in one hand and weekly flyers in the other and just sigh. Rite Aid, CVS, Target… my old friends. Maybe we’ll meet again soon?

Blogging… My brain cells are so fried that I can’t even develop complete sentences on most days. I love blogging so much, but when I am still getting up several times a night to feed Wes, I can’t get a full night’s rest. Forget napping – I try to but either it doesn’t work or I wake up nasty and disoriented.

Here are a few things I need to write about but haven’t:

  • Early Intervention Meeting
  • Feeding issues
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Facebook… Other than this instance, I do not go on the computer… Facebook, blog, etc. all done via phone. It’s not east to do any of those things on a phone, especially my POC phone. I feel like I am missing out on what’s going on in my social circle. Maybe I will be more active once I get more sleep? Or, do I say “forget sleep” and just exhaust myself even more?

Reading… Whether it be reading a magazine, book, blog – I just don’t do it anymore. Lately when I get blog notifications in my inbox, rather than read it, I delete it.

Biking… Totally impossible to do with an infant.

Take pictures… Well, I take them, I’m just too lazy at the moment to upload them.

Oh, I need to stop complaining. It’s too exhausting.

Newborn Photos!

Recently, my good friend Erin came down to visit me and take pictures of her birthday buddy! Is was an awesome, albeit short trip, full of Chick-fil-A {Preggo Erin’s favorite fast food}, me unknowingly quoting the Bible and Erin laughing at the fact, girl chatter and loving up on Wes. 

If you don’t know Erin, I have to tell you that she is an amazing human being; almost super human! You should have seen that momma take pictures of us while under a table at 7 months pregnant! Let’s not forget that she is a self-employed photographer and momma of two boys at home, so for her to take time to visit us was amazing. {And thank you Paul for lending her to me! LOL}

She’s amazing, and the proof is in the pudding. Enjoy these wonderful photos she took of our little family!

All photos taken by Erin Witkowski of Eve’s Wish Photography.

Wes “before” {February}




Wes “after” {May}












In other related news, Wes and Grady may become superstars soon.  Erin’s photos of our boys may be gracing the marketing materials for CHOP’s T21 program. Keep an eye out and I will keep YOU all updated! {I’m beyond – crossing fingers – excited!}


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