A Dad’s Viewpoint

It only seems natural to kick off this blog by stating the inspiration and chain of events surrounding its beginning.  My wife, I’m sure, will tell a slightly different (and longer!) side of the story, but it will lead to the same place, which is our unborn son Wes.  There are several moments during this pregnancy that will be engrained in my mind forever.  When Adrienne came to a tennis match I was coaching with a card to let me know that she was pregnant.  When we first got to see our baby on an ultrasound.  When we found out that we were having a boy.  And when we found out 30 minutes later that he most likely had Down syndrome.

From that day on, we have experienced a wide range of emotions: sadness, anger, joy, excitement, anxiety, and love…just to name a few.  The news was shocking at first, and not knowing much about Down syndrome, we were panicked and distraught.  We wondered if Wes would be able to enjoy life and experience all the things parents hope for their children.  We asked the doctor and each other for all the possible explanations we could think of, but there is really just one answer – fate.  There is a reason that we are going to be blessed with Wes in our family, and I know in my heart that we will look back and know that Wes is the best thing that could have ever happened in our lives!


One thought on “A Dad’s Viewpoint

  1. Kim says:

    John….this was so nice to read and I know you both will be AMAZING parents!!!

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