Super Excited!

Just a quick blurb today… I am going to see Erin and Grady this weekend, and I am so excited!  Erin is a new friend of mine, though we went to high school together. Ten years later we bonded over our two sons who share a chromosome for awesomeness. Thank God for Facebook and other social networking sites, otherwise I would be at a loss.  Though books are a great source of information and comfort, nothing is better than sharing stories personally!

December 5, 2011 stalker-ific post: “Hi Erin 🙂 I was wondering if there was a way I may contact you? Your Grady and my little Wes have something special in common, and I would love to talk with you about our boys. Hope all is well! Adrienne”

In any event, Erin and I are meeting up to scout out locations to take my maternity pictures. She takes the most amazing photos that evoke so much emotion. I look forward to sharing the pictures on my blog and showing my ever expanding waistline!

Check out her blog at

{I hope I didn’t embarrass you, Erin!}


One thought on “Super Excited!

  1. Erin Ski! says:

    Dont know how I missed this! Yikes! I was just as excited, and I am so pumped to just be a small part of the welcoming party for Wes! He is so loved already! and so are you! Can’t wait for pics!!! ahhhhh! HUGS!

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