Day Off, Schmay Off!

I had the red one. Bleh!

I was fortunate enough to have today off due to some “can’t work over 45 days in a row” rule at my school district. However, it was definitely not a relaxing day by any means, starting off with a trip to LabCorp at 7:30 for my glucose tolerance test. Unfortunately by the time I got there and was ready for my test I forgot my paperwork, and I had to turn around, and fight traffic and school busses to get home.  On my way home I may or may not have obnoxiously honked my horn at some random contractor who may have been on his cell phone and may have cut me off… I may have also called this individuals company and may or may not have yelled on the answering machine diming his rear end out. But I have a horrible memory, so this may not have happened. One the way back, I noticed I had zero, zilch, nada gas. Ugh, what else!? So, after my quick pit stop I finally returned to LabCorp about 40 minutes later. Needless to say, I chugged the sickeningly sweet pseudo-Gatorade in under 10 seconds and receive quite the praise from the two other mommas in the room. It tasted like drinking a large Jolly Rancher vodka shot, sans vodka with about 50 added packets of sugar. Clearly I wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. Wes hated that stuff by the way; he was freaking out and I thought I was going to either puke or pass out from all of that sugar. Maybe this is a good sign that I don’t ingest enough sugar in my diet to have gestational diabetes? God, I hope so! After an hour of waiting on only 2 eggs and a handful of peanuts for energy, I finally gave blood and got my butt out of there and scarfed an energy bar, followed by a huge mustard and cheese sandwich, grapes, half sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies after my epic fail trip to Wal-Mart {getting there}, and God knows what else since I don’t remember what I eat anymore. Maybe I should take back that comment about not ingesting much sugar in my diet.

Anyway, while at LabCorp I was being a good multi-tasker and preparing my coupons for my freeponing trip {i.e. using coupons to get things

How long will it take to train them to flush?

for free} to Wal-Mart. Well, this turned out to be an epic FAIL. I had all my coupons ready for free Vaseline hand cream, Aquafresh toothpaste {trial size, of course}, Breathe Right Strips, Bic Pens, and Scotch Brite sponges. Were these items anywhere to be found? NO! This is my second frustrating moment of the day; I spent an hour preparing my shopping trip {not including my time spent at 6 this morning getting my list typed out} and I was foiled by those annoying EXTREME COUPONERS! Okay, I love to get a bargain, but by no means do I go to the extent of stealing coupons and emptying shelves. It’s uncalled for. Yes, I do have quite the stock pile, but this is my way of providing when I make very little money at the job I do right now. It is fun as heck to get a bargain, and I encourage others to be a Krazy Coupon Lady along with me. {Next up, training the cats to use the toilet} Then you have more money to do things that you need/ want to like home improvements, go on trips, go out to dinner or pay for bills.

So, the highlight of the day happened when I went to Giant after my extremely disappointing trip to Wally World. There I purchased 29 items {all that I will actually use!} for the low, low price of $36.99. I saved $50.73 using coupons that doubled and my Bonus Card. SWEET! In that order I got a little Krazy when I saw that there were Almay and Revlon products at 50% or greater mark down. I purchased $18 of products for less than $4! Then, I saw that Giant was offering a deal where when you spend $15 on Suave, Dove, and Vaseline products, you get $5 off instantly. I purchased 6 Suave body washes and 1 Dove deodorant for $4.25. Maybe I didn’t need these items right now, but it made me feel good when I got an approving laugh from my husband followed by an, “Alright babe!” Now that was a highlight to my day!

So, a sucky day turned out to be pretty good in the end, though I still had to return out into the wilderness to get an oil change. Luckily we had a coupon for that as well; buy 1 oil change {at $42.35} get 3 free oil changes rock! Speaking of oil change, I did read a book on Down syndrome while waiting for my car to be done. I will have a review on that later. In any event, happy Monday!


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  1. […] of sugar, though my thunder thighs would make you believe otherwise. I doubt I would have passed my glucose tolerance test […]

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