Feisty, Spicy Wes

Recently I have begun to feel even more pregnant than ever; my appetite has increased significantly, mobility has decreased and a little visitor named Braxton Hicks has decided to make his way onto my radar.  On Tuesday, Wes was extremely active from morning until I went to bed that night.  All of this activity caused my “uterus to spasm” consistently throughout the day to the point I had to take the elevator at work, which is the last thing I wanted to do. However, if I didn’t I would have been stopping every 3 steps to catch my breath. So, when Wes didn’t move at all today, I was a bit concerned, but not to the point of rushing out to see the doctor {well, until the end of the day.}

On a typical day Wes is very active, and he shows his best karate kid moves around 6:30am – 7:15 am {drive to work – he hates seatbelts} and 4pm – 9pm {I’m relaxing at this time}. While at work, I typically get a foot to the ribs or belly button at least 2-4 times per hour. So, it was rather odd for him not to act in his typical behavior today. At the end of the work day I decided to call my Ob and they suggested that I come in for a non-stress test after work, which I did. Wouldn’t you know as soon I get there, guess who gives me a little jolt to my ribs. Mmmm hmmm. Don’t get me wrong, I was THRILLED he was moving, but man this kid has a way of making me look like a crazy momma!

In any event, they still decided to hook me up to the fetal heart monitor and movement monitor to see how he was doing, and the little guy

Wes, our little Mr. Strong

showed the nurses what he does best – be uncooperative. You see, John and I are extremely lucky because we get no less than 2 appointments per month at either our Ob or Paranatologist’s office which gives us so much peace regarding his growth and really helps us to connect to this little womb alien that’s always beating up on me {well, except for the majority of today!}. Though we feel very fortunate to see Wes, he’s not so keen on this fact. {Minor side note, we considered naming him “Keen” which would had been rather fitting since Keen means, “Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm” Dictionary.com}  He did what he did best and scurried away from the monitors, and when he could no longer scurry, he began to kick the monitors like crazy! If only I had a copy of the read out of his heart and movement rate; the lines were incomplete and all over the place! The nurses were laughing because they had to constantly adjust the monitors and had to come in when they would hear the high pitched squeals from the machine when he would aggressively kick at them. It was hysterical! However, I still felt like a total tool being there because of how active he was {show off} once I got there. Regardless, it was great peace of mind and the best part of my visit was when the doctor looked at his read out and said, “This looks good for a baby at 27 weeks; really good actually.”

So, after today’s events I started thinking about what I think I know about my son’s health and personality:

1.       He is strong like bull. My biggest fear when I found out that Wes has Down syndrome was that there would be complications during pregnancy or he will need OHS after birth. What I do know is that his heart is amazingly strong as proven by his echocardiogram, monthly sonograms, and fetal heart monitor results from today. Besides, if he’s born on or around his due date, he will be a Taurus. Taurus’s are known for their stubbornness and determination along with other finer features.

2.       He does everything on his own terms.  Wes is just like his father; he does not like being told what to do, which is evident when I try to get him riled up to make sure he’s still cooking.  It takes an extreme annoyance by someone or something other than John or I to get him to respond on our terms.

3.       He does not like to be messed with.  Wes hates to be strapped to machines; heck the kid hates that I have the laptop anywhere near my belly. Even before I could feel his movements at 18 weeks, the doctors and techs would laugh because my appointments took longer because he would scurry from the machine, flip over and kick any monitor on my belly. I have a feeling that I will have my hands full from day one.

4.       He’s a fighter. Wes knows how much John and I worry about him and how his health might attribute to potential problems in the future. However, he always ceases to amaze us by his strength and determination to be a strong little boy and defy the odds. We know that Wes is telling us in his own way that he is fine, but as parents we can’t help but worry for our little boy.

Though some of these attributes seem undesirable to others, to me they provide confirmation that Wes is fine and I need to stop worrying about him so much.  He has shown so much strength and activity so far, I can only imagine what he will do after he is born. I just can’t wait to see my feisty little man in April!


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