28 Week Ultrasound

Wes at 28 Weeks

Our little booger showed his handsome face for us again yesterday!  Of course we had the tech that shall not be named, but we did our best to deal with her unpleasant disposition. She really tried hard this time to make nice small talk with us, but then she reared her ugly head when I suggested I move on my side so she could get a better view of his heart. Yea, I was definitely given a stern NO when that was brought up. Funny thing is the other tech, who we actually like, asked us to do that in a previous ultrasound. Well, I guess it’s a good thing we were too concerned about seeing what the tech was focusing on when looking at Wes than her lovely temperament. As usual, John and I were being paranoid parents-to-be, searching for any abnormalities on the screen {like we’d even know what to look for}. We took mental notes on what princess charming was measuring to ask Dr. D about when he came in to check on us. Our paranoia clearly got to the best of us and Wes’s heart was still fine as well as my amniotic fluid level.  What was amusing was the reaction from the doctor when I asked him how Wes’s heart looked. With an odd expression on his face he responded, “His heart is perfect, nothing has changed since your echocardiogram.” Duh.  Man, two days in a row; we’ve turned into those parents!

In any event, Wes now weighs 2lbs. 3oz., putting him in the 32nd percentile and his length is a little shorter than the average of 14.8 inches. We weren’t given an exact height, but that’s fine with me! He is growing strong and on target and that’s all we can ask for. He slightly resembles his older cousin Danny with a similar piggy nose and he looks a lot like John, specifically that forehead of his and his chubby cheeks. Just look at those pillows!


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