To Daniel on his 38th Birthday

I wanted to take this moment to tell my brother, “Happy 38th Birthday!” Without focusing on the loss of this wonderful person nearly fourteen years ago, I want to focus on the little moments I remember from the years we had together.

Noogies. You always gave me wicked noogies when I would be walking up or down stairs at home. No matter how annoying and sometimes painful they were, I secretly looked forward to them.

Your disdain of me walking around the house naked as a kid or leaving the bathroom door unlocked.  My carefree feelings towards modesty drove you nuts and, as far as I can remember, didn’t bother me one bit. The grotesqueness of nudity also bothered you when it came to my naked Barbie dolls… thanks for dressing them so I could once again disrobe them.

Your love of bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath kept me out of black hole of poptards of the 90’s era. Thank you for saving me from NKOTB {though I occasionally gave in to their “music”}. I still remember the Ozzy music video tape you had. I would watch that even when you weren’t around.

You would tickle me until I couldn’t breathe, literally. I remember you would just pretend like you were going to get me and I would react with a screech and physically contort my body as if I had just gotten punched. Yes, I was that ticklish and still am.

You would talk to me on the phone; really talk to me and listen.

There is probably nothing more memorable than your stank. Yes, you smelled like funky boy, and I’ve never smelled another person like you. Once in awhile I know you’re there when I get a whiff of that stank of yours and I welcome it.

Everyone would tell me stories how you couldn’t watch me eat or eat near me as a kid. Apparently I was overly passionate with my food that it would end up in every crevice of my body and I would leave leftovers in my bib. You would be proud to know that I no longer have this problem!

Often times I couldn’t watch TV because you or Olivia were monopolizing the one TV in the house.  Your obsession with outer space and Star Trek was interesting to say the least, but I don’t think I’d have such an interest in our solar system if it weren’t for you.

I loved your guitars, and when you weren’t looking I would play them. My favorite one was the black one you would put my Tiny Tunes stickers on it. It was special because you covered the entire guitar with my favorite show. Thank you for that.

You were incredibly lazy, amazingly smart, deeply sensitive and loving beyond compare. Sometimes I see little Danny in his Uncle Dan. It may not be the best qualities in a person, but they bring to light such great memories of such an awesome person.

You had this beige truck that would back fire on command. I remember how you would drive around Port Jervis and make your truck back fire when we passed pedestrians on the street. That was so bad but extremely hilarious! When you were home, I would sit in the back of the truck with friends because I thought it was the coolest spot to be. God only knows why.

I was definitely an annoying little sister to you and Liv, but when I needed either of you, you were there. I still remembered when you both “saved me” {childhood perception} when I was stung by a wasp in our living room. You both scooped me up and put me in the sink to take out the stinger while I wailed from the pain.

I really wish that I could remember more, and maybe over time memories will return to me. Regardless, you still are a fantastic brother and anything that I have left out will resonate with me through my endearing love for you.

Happy Birthday, Dan.


2 thoughts on “To Daniel on his 38th Birthday

  1. mom says:

    What a beautiful tribute. My heart is so heavy. I miss him so much.

  2. Ash says:

    Im hysterically crying, but laughing at the same time. I remember that truck well!!!

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