Third Trimester Discoveries


According to Old Wives Tales, I should be having a girl because “girls steal their mother’s beauty” and bring on severe nausea.  Well, unless Wes is contorting his arm/ leg, growing a large skin tag, or his DNA is lying, it’s clear we are having a boy. All I can say is, I hope these “side effects” disappear or don’t increase when we {hopefully} have a girl one day.

Morning sickness returned as soon as I hit 27 weeks {I am now in my 30th week}.  I either have to eat constantly or drink a bubbly drink such as soda to keep me from yacking. During weeks 7-13 I had morning sickness which at one point escalated to severe vomiting followed by a lovely prescription for Zofran, an anti-nausea medication for those receiving chemotherapy. The foods and smells that I could tolerate during that time {Nature Valley granola bars, rice cakes, and Febreeze Air Fresheners} now make me want to vomit more than they did just a few weeks ago.  I subbed for a teacher this morning that I knew used that same Febreeze Air Freshener that was in my musty basement. I gagged immediately upon entering the room. Oh, the horror!

Morning sickness also comes out of nowhere. I really mean nowhere. 12:30am, check. 8:45am, check. 2:15pm, check. It doesn’t matter, and when it hits, it hits hard. Even food doesn’t help. I’m waiting for the moment I vomit on a student while teaching.

Cellulite turns up everywhere. From this pregnancy, I have developed cellulite on my upper arm, ankles, calves and my lower back.

When I thought for a moment that bacne stopped, it returned. D’ah! Yes, and now it’s in the form of cysts. I look so nasty!

I have not had cravings during my pregnancy until now. Last night my husband was going to make dinner for me as a Valentine’s Day gift. Well, just seeing that someone on Facebook was going to Pizza Hut for dinner entirely changed our plans. I never go to Pizza Hut or similar chains because I can’t stand how unhealthy the food is. Well, now I’m at Chick Fil’A, Panera, CiCi’s Pizza Buffet, etc. If you mention it, I’m there!

Oh, and let me tell you, for a girl who is lactose intolerant, I had no qualms about buying two refrigerator shelves full of chocolate pudding, cottage cheese, Giant brand yogurt, Okios yogurt, Yoplait yogurt, Yoplait Parfait yogurt, sour cream, shredded cheese, milk and creamer. It’s unreal how much I want, or need milk products.

With these new cravings, self-control is out the window.

I can now only sleep elevated on my back with my legs up and occasionally on my left side. If I even consider going on the right side I lose the ability to fully breathe, Wes freaks out and kicks me in the ribs and punches me in inconvenient places {which both feel like someone whacked my funny bone}. I’m beginning to toy with the idea of sleeping on the couch.

I have constant nose bleeds. ‘Nuf said.

I think I am developing Eczema in random spots – frustrating!


“So Complaindrienne, what is good about third trimester?”

 Good question, my sleep is back and I’m closer to holding my little chili pepper! It’s worth it!


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  1. oops! Meant to say, found your blog through “Down Syndrome New Mama” 🙂

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