Hospital Tour

This weekend John and I went to Paoli Hospital to tour the maternity “ward” {I guess you would call it that} along with other preggos like myself – well with the exception of the couple due late July {really?!}. Honestly, I would have gone on the tour early too, but I figured people would look at me funny… like I did towards that couple. Anyway, the tour was uneventful overall, but I found myself getting emotional at times. While the


nurse/ tour guide was educating us on break away beds and their requirements that father’s bring pajamas and not sleep in their underwear, I just kept thinking about how unprepared I am to be a first-time mom let alone a mom of a child with special needs.  At the end of the tour John and I spoke with the nurse/ tour guide about what to expect during delivery knowing that our son would have special needs, and basically she said that she didn’t know. She referred me to other people to consult, such as hospital social services, etc., but to me, it was just another unanswered question. It was just like when I asked Dr. D who we should see for our pediatrician and he told us that, “Any pediatrician would do.” It’s so hard because all I want is for Wes to be treated like any other child, but I become frustrated when I’m told that there is nothing different, as far as care, that is necessary for him. Am I crazy for feeling this way?

In any event, John and I decided that we really needed to make a pre baby appointment with some experts in the field. So, I contacted the Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center in Trexlertown. The facility is fairly close to us and they are able to give us medical services for Wes along with support in finding adequate therapies, doctors in our area, and connections with local families in the Ds community. I’m really hoping that they will give us the answers we’re looking for. Within a day, Maria from the center contacted us back which was really great, and she pretty much knew what we needed to hear.

“…The main thing to remember is that your son is a baby first and foremost and his needs will be the same as any newborn.  If you are prepared for that you are more than half way there…”

I know that this is exactly what others were telling me, but I needed to hear it from someone who really knew.

So, we’re waiting to hear back from Maria and hopefully we can meet with her as soon as possible.


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