How far along? 30 weeks, 5 days

How big is Wes? Approximately 3lbs. and somewhere between 14”-16” long.

Health of Wes? He is doing great. His heart rate is at 140 which is perfect. He is moving like crazy and even when I’m lounging; it’s still not enough room for him! Last night I felt him twinkle his toes up high and pinch my sides. What a nudge!

Health of Momma? Doing good; I actually lost 2lbs,but I think that’s due to wearing lighter clothing. I so did not want to weight more this time around, ha! It also helps that it’s warm outside. As usual, blood pressure is a healthy 100/60. I really don’t know how I can be so healthy with the amount of sweets I eat.

Weight gain? 29lbs. gained! Not bad when I think about how healthy my appetite is.

Maternity clothes update? My maternity dresses are turning into inappropriate miniskirts. Looks like it’s time to stick to pants. My early push present is a shopping trip for yoga pants, tanks, nursing bras, nursing tanks, and a nursing gown for after delivery. Not a fun gift, but totally reflects my practical nature. Can’t wait to shop!

Stretch Marks? No marks, woohoo!

Skin? My poor back is so broken out! I try everything from acne wash to lotion – I just don’t know what to do? I know that my face needs to be moisturized so it doesn’t break out, but I don’t think it helps with my back. Also, the cellulite is unreal – it’s e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

Sleep? I sleep well as long as Wes is comfortable. If he’s not, it’s torture for hours.

Best moment this week? Watching the beautiful video that Erin made for us!

Movement? Swirls and twirls! The coolest feeling is when he taps his toes on my ribs.

Food cravings? Hoagies, cilantro, pickles, Wawa milkshakes and sour candies.

Labor signs? Nothing at all – awesome!

Belly button in or out? No change; only pops out when I eat too much or lay flat.

What I miss? Clear skin, not having back fat, wearing dress shoes, visible knees, walking without swaying, sitting forward, having a single chin, and beer. Mostly, I miss beer.

What I am looking forward to? The fun showers coming up including Mystic’s baby shower, my baby shower and Jane’s bridal shower. Yeah!

Biweekly wisdom? The turtle and snake analogy:  Mr. Snake approaches Mr. Turtle on a river bank and asks Mr. Turtle for a ride across the water since he can’t swim the river himself. Mr. Turtle politely refuses to oblige, reasoning that if he were to give Mr. Snake a ride across the river, he would surely be bitten. Mr. Snake protests saying that it would be foolish for him to bite the one carrying him, since it would result in him perishing also. Mr. Turtle considers the argument, then agrees to ferry Mr. Snake over the broad river. When they are half-way across the river Mr. Turtle feels a sharp pain and realizes he has been bitten by Mr. Snake. As the venom is beginning to take effect, Mr. Turtle sadly and resolutely asks Mr. Snake why he bit him, since the biting will also result in Mr. Snake’s demise. A wry smile came upon Mr. Snake’s face. “I bit you because I am a snake Mr. Turtle; that is my nature.”

Milestones? Two more biweekly appointments (with non-stress tests), then on to weekly appointments come April!

Biweekly Update: 30 Weeks


One thought on “Biweekly Update: 30 Weeks

  1. ds.mama says:

    What a delicious array of cravings! I only had cravings in my first pregnancy, and it was for boring ole water. I had to have a bottle of water with me at all times, even while I slept.

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