The Replacement Word

Edited:I was grumpy, haha!

You know you’ve said it, I’ve said it. Who hasn’t at least one point in their life? But what does it mean, and what intention are you trying to give when you say it, and who are you hurting?

Recently, I’ve seen {on Facebook} and heard {among adults and kids alike} an overuse of many filler words, including variations of retard and gay. So what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is when you’re an adult, or old enough to think critically, drive, drink, be married, etc. don’t use it.

Yes, I swear on occasion. Typically, someone needs to get me really heated or behave in a disrespectful manner to get a reaction out of me. However, I will not use the words, retard or gay in a negative manner. That’s just simply rude.   Let’s look at some ways in which these words are used and how they can be used more effectively… because come on, after awhile do you think that using the same filler word holds much merit in what you’re trying to express? No, you just look like a fool.

Is it a form of loving play between you and your loved one?

“Awe honey, you’re such a retard.”

Let’s try this: “Awe honey, you’re being ____________.”

What about, cute, sweet, silly, a goof ball, ridiculous, an annoyance, a nudge?

Is it your way of showing displeasure in another?

“Stop being a retard!” or “Stop acting gay!”

Let’s try this: “Stop being a __________!”

What about, jack ass {you may offend a donkey}, dope, booger, jerk?

“That’s so retarded/ gay!”

Let’s try this: “That’s so ___________!”

What about, stupid {defended/ defined below}, absurd, obnoxious, ridiculous, unreal, or crazy?

stu·pid {}

1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.

2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.

3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.

4. annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.

5. in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

Honestly, if a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Yea, it probably makes a sound, but does it really matter? Well, that’s up to you. The same goes for swearing in public {even group settings} and using poor filler words. Sure, say it around your significant others and dearest friends that you’re not going to offend, but please limit the use in public settings. You never know who you may hurt.

If you’re like me and you want to stop the spread of using the R-word, click the link to Spread the Word to End the Word…


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