Can’t I just sleep through these next two months?

Today we have our meeting at the Easter PA Down Syndrome Center in Trexlertown. I’m pretty excited to get more information to better help us with Wes, but my excitement is being entirely overrun by my complete exhaustion, terrible memory and crankiness. It doesn’t take a lot to feel run down lately and my baby isn’t set to arrive until two months from today. TWO!

Recently, I’ve downloaded this neat little app on my phone {Astrid Task} which I’m hoping will help me to feel motivated to get work done around the house and keep my life in order. Well for the most part, tasks are going in and few are being checked off. Let’s review, shall we?

Well, aren't we chipper!?

Task 1, Organize coupon binder: Yes, well this is being done in spurts because once I attempt to start clipping and organizing, I feel my blood pressure rise, feel faint and hungry and then I need to lie down. There have been three attempts at this over the course of 24 hours.

Task 2, Prepare grocery list and meals for the week: I don’t want to cook, hence I don’t want to search online for deals or even go into my freezer to see what I need. It’s a vicious cycle. Plus, one computer doesn’t print coupons {The coupon printer, regardless of how many times either of us has uninstalled and reinstalled it, will not work. PERIOD.}, and the other computer works when it feels up to it. I am on the finikie computer as I type, which is probably the worst idea ever.

Not to self: Save doc every minute.

Task 3, Send work docs to unknown women who is in search of a tutor for a kid at some unknown school in the Reading area: Ok, so I actually did this one this morning, but I don’t know a thing about this kid, nor have I interviewed with this company. However, the woman is sending me over this kid’s IEP (IEP!!!!) via email so that I know what his needs are. Umm, hello? Who sends an IEP to someone they don’t know? Besides, is this kid at Wyomissing, Governor Mifflin, Exeter, or Reading? I have no clue! I am assuming that at $35/ hr. with $0.55 per mile for gas, it’s not a Reading student. In any event, this will give me something to do a couple hours a week before and after baby. I know people say that they tend to hibernate once the baby comes, but God knows, my husband knows, any of my family members and friends know, that would be a very bad idea. I am a crotchety person when I am either over or under stimulated. Yes, I am finicky.

Task 4, Vacuum: Vacuuming is the bane of my existence, along with emptying my faulty dishwasher, cleaning my bathroom and keeping my closet organized. I have never been a fan of any of these chores and I never will be. John is well aware of my affliction, but he still thinks I can change. Fat chance, honey. Keep in mind, when John first met me and saw my apartment, there was a trail of clothes (read: 2ft pile) on the floor leading to my walk-in closet that had basically no clothes in it.  When we moved into our new home, he bought be plastic drawers on wheels {I’m pretty sure it was a birthday present, LOL} so I could better organize myself. Ha! Yeah, good one. So, he’s resigned himself to shoving my clothes that are falling out of my closet back in and shutting the door. Good choice! This who vacuuming thing doesn’t suite me at this point because not only do I become obsessive with making perfect lines in the carpet {odd for a pseudo-slob}, but it throws my hips and back out of whack. See, I have a good excuse!

Task 5, Write “Thank You” notes: This is so easy to do, why do I put it off? I seem to have a lot to say on this blog, but you put a pencil and paper in front of me and I’m lost. What are these primitive objects? I blame this on being a lefty – yes, and that’s all. I have no true excuse. Why do you think my thank yous from the wedding were Shutterfly images thanking our guests while simultaneously wishing everyone a Happy New Year? {Which was nearly 6 months after the wedding.}

Task 6, Get a nice shirt for my shower: I’m huge, the last thing I want to do is buy something that will fit this body. My lower half looks like an inner tube is wrapped around my body, like one of those kids bathing suites where they’re intact. D’ah! By the way, how is it that I’m LOSING weight now? Today, I ate 3 servings of breakfast; bagel with butter, yogurt mixed with cheerios, and two eggs over easy and two pieces of buttered toast, all before 10am. Oh, and let’s not forget the 2 pizzas from Dominoes that we’ve been eating since Friday.  I’m kinda wondering if the pizza had a tapeworm in it because I can’t seem to keep the pizza down for long, if you get my drift. Hmmm… In all seriousness folks, fatty Patty here went from 181 to 175 in two weeks? I’m happy to lose the poundage, but I’m not sure if this is okay or normal.  Wait, wasn’t this rant about a shirt for my shower??

Task 7, Paint nails: I’d rather someone else do it, but I’m too thrifty to go the salon. That’s all I have to say about that, Jenn-ay.

Task 8, Make blueberry tea for the shower: I guess I can do this on Friday, but will I remember?

Task 9, Take nephew to the movies: Last week, I promised my “never forgets a thing” nephew that I would take him to the movies on Sunday. Did I remember? NO! This is why I downloaded this stinkin’ app in the first place! Anyway, I’m hoping to take him tomorrow night, maybe a TT and D dinner and a movie date. I hope I remember!

Anyway, those are my tasks for the day, week, month, never? Hopefully it will get me going, but hoping doesn’t get me anywhere unless I do something about it. I do have plans on going to the grocery store today, but now my phone is dead, so it needs to be charged in the event I go to the store and my water breaks and I can’t call John to save the day. Fat chance that will happen, but it keeps me procrastinating longer and longer.

Man, I am a shell of what I was just months ago. No motivation, I’m cranky {though I try to hide it behind my “sunny disposition”}, I’m exhausted, my feet, back, and uterus are sore, I’m fat, and I just want to do, well, nothing. Grrrr….


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