Week 33: There goes the biweekly updates! Hello weekly updates!

How far along? 33 weeks tomorrow!

How big is Wes? 4lbs!

Health of Wes? Fantastic! He’s in the 51st percentile in size, so he’s not as stubby as I thought, LOL.  My two week appointments have entirely disappeared, and now I’m seen on a weekly basis. They need to make sure that Wes is growing and his heart rate is strong. There is a chance for babies with Ds to suddenly stop growing, so it’s important to have more frequent tests in the event my little pooper needs to arrive early.

Health of Momma? BP 110/70, weight is still below max, so I’m good. I do need more sleep and exercise couldn’t hurt.

Weight gain? Ok, so I think my 3 servings of breakfast, heavy (but low cal) lunch and tons of liquids put an extra 10lbs on me at the appointment today. Well, this is what I told the nurse, LOL! Well, the office says I’m 184lbs. and my home scale says 179lbs. I’m going to continue going by my home scale.

Maternity clothes update? It’s either my clothes don’t fit, they’re falling apart, or are just plain dingy. At this point in my pregnancy, clothes that I swam in when I got them last fall all like belly shirts and my pants dig into my stomach. My MIL was kind enough to get me some lovely nursing bras and PJs so I’m not at a total loss. I do need to go out and get something… maybe cute stretchy tops that will not stretch out. I totally love my stretchy yoga skirt, now I want some yoga pants so I can be a slob without looking like one!  Ooh, and a pair of Spanx to suck in my belly once we’re all said and done. Honestly, I almost got a hip band to shrink my hips back into place, but I felt guilty not spending $ on Wes and buying for myself. Well, I think I will need to get over that soon!  A happy mom is a good mom.

Stretch Marks? Nope!

Skin? Acne…. cellulite…. double chin… nuff’ said

Sleep? I can sleep, but it’s not enough even when I go to bed at 9. I’m trying to take naps after school again. This was my first trimester habit that I wish I kept up!

Best moment this week? My baby shower! It was so wonderful! {Yes, I still need to blog about it – I’m just so tired!}

Movement? Tons of movements, well unless on demand. My little boy is such a stinker!

Food cravings? Still Wawa cookies and cream milkshakes, but now also Wawa strawberry and banana smoothies, Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzards, and bagels with cream cheese… tons of cream cheese!  Ooh, and cereal.  Got to have my milk products!

Labor signs? Nada!

Belly button in or out? My belly has seemed to grow well and still has plenty of room. No problems with the button!

What I miss? Fitting into maternity clothes, feeling refreshed when I wake up, not having chub rub, as well as the complaints from last time… clear skin, not having back fat, wearing dress shoes, visible knees, walking without swaying, sitting forward, having a single chin, and beer. Mostly, I miss beer.

What I am looking forward to? Bridal shower for Janey and Monday off!

Weekly wisdom? I’ve been very exhausted and tired lately, but my personality is clashing with my physical abilities causing mental, emotional and physical stress. My awesome principal {who I honestly adore and respect} entirely understood when I needed to cut back my hours from work from 5 to 4 days for the remainder of the month. I know I can leave at anytime, but this is my compromise with myself. Basically, I’m learning that it’s okay to slow down and accept help from others, and it is okay to take time for myself. God knows that I only have a few weeks left to enjoy some peace and quiet and I cannot feel guilty for that.

Also, I had to come to terms that sharing Wes and his progress with others is not exploiting him, but educating others. I love him so much and I want others to love him as much as I do. The last thing I want is for adults and children to fear my son because he appears different. He is so much more alike typical people than different and I will stop at nothing from letting others know that.

Milestones? Well, there goes the biweekly appointments! Looks like we’re straight into weekly appointments until Wes arrives in 7 short weeks.


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