Maternity Leave: Day 1 {Bored!}

Oh my LORD, I’m already bored! I can just hear my mother saying, “I told you so!” Well, I know, but remember what I told you about white carpeting and walking 5 miles AFTER surgery. Nothing but mother-daughter love!

In any event, yes I am very bored. Actually, I would love to relax but my boredom is formed from my desire to “earn my keep”, unyielding need to nest and a strong avoidance of feeling “bummie”. Let me explain.

Regarding my need to “earn my keep”, it stems from many issues which I am struggling to let go of. It’s nothing major, but enough that I always feel like I’m not good enough, I don’t work hard enough, or do my best. I think it’s a mixture of my desire to be independent, but my inability to live independently. Since graduating from college in 2006, I have struggled to take care of myself and I have relied on others to help me financially. I hate that; hate it, hate it, HATE IT! However, I made the decision to go back to school to become a teacher, and ever since 2009 I have been searching for a teaching job. When I do have a higher paying teaching related job, I tend to dislike it immensely, like when I was a TSS over the summer. It was terrible – and now I know how to never treat Wes’s specialists from that experience. My most favorite jobs were probably the lowest paying jobs on my resume, but could eventually lead to a job. Though, it really hasn’t as of yet.  Someone just had to get herself pregnant and was unable to follow through on her dream at the moment, but that’s a whole other story. I’m happier with this decision, but remember – girlfriend has issues.

As a result of my issue with not feeling good enough, I tend to work myself to the point that I become overwhelmed. Well, yesterday I accepted the fact that I needed to just take time for myself, regardless of if I feel like I deserve it or not. I know that I do, though hearing all these stories about other moms working up until they deliver doesn’t make me feel great about my decision. I am disgusted by that need to compare my situation with others. D’ah! I would love to say that I can get over it, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

In any event, my need to “earn my keep” resulted in a rather impulsive and creative project in Wes’s room this morning. I’ve been dying to cover his bare walls with something, so here ya go!

Inspiration: Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Step 1: Search Pinterest (of course!) and identify target.

Ah Ha! That's what I'll do!

Step 2: Figure out how I can do this project for free or on the cheap. Eureka! After my shower, I just knew. Why are the best ideas made while bathing?

Coffee filters, crayons, markers and water - for hydration of course!

Step 3:  Haphazardly draw lines with marker all over a filter, using something to cover the table, of course.

Looks ugly at first. Just wait!

Step 3.5: Shade in with crayon if you want a more bold look. I figured this out on my second try.

Crayons increase color saturation. Yes, throwing around artsy terms that I have no right to do.

See? Better!

Step 4: Cut various triangles and rectangles.

Lookin' purdy!

Step 5: Choose and print out your favorite font. The “W” was done at size 500 since it did not fit at 600 on the paper. I solved this by elongating the “W” during the cutting process. The “E” and “S” were printed at 600. Don’t ask about the font because I have no idea!

Well, hello!

Step 6: Glue pieces to white printer paper in a random way.

Step 7: Glue letter to the back of the colorful paper. NOTE: Don’t be a dope like me and just glue the letter to the back. Trace the letter and turn it over, otherwise your letters will be backwards! Yes, I did this and no, I did not fix my mistake. This is a combination of “artistic license”, frustration and pure laziness.

The black side should actually be on the inside that's glued... I am a dope!

Step 8: Paste, cut, repeat

Remember, I elongated the "W"... you would just cute around the lines otherwise.

Step 9: Don’t be a dope like me and have a backwards letter. Just be aware!

Step 10: Either frame your letters or paste them to a thick Styrofoam board. Framing is a clean looking and easy way to finish up this look, but even with a sale at AC Moore, you will spend about $10+, even with a coupon, depending on how many letters you do. I took the “harder route” and bought the board. It cost $1.90 after coupon, but was a pain in the rear to cut. You will need to cut this on tile, not on any other surface. I used a crappy razor blade and scissors – rounded edges are impossible to do with a razor blade. This is the most labor intensive part of the process.

If you go the “hard route”:

Step 11: Trace letters on board – again, make sure you do it the correct direction!

Step 12: Cut, paste, repeat

Finished product!

Not so bad, right? I would have much preferred to do this project using frames, but the “W” was larger than an 8X10 frame, which would have cost much more than I desired to pay.

Here’s my little boy’s room so far! I feel so bad, it looks like a hodge podge of stuff.  I am somewhat concerned that it’s a bit feminine, but oh well. He’s a baby!


2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave: Day 1 {Bored!}

  1. Mom says:

    The first thing I said in my mind when I read the title was “I told her so”!!!!!LOL And regarding not feeling worthy of taking care of yourself…….womanhood….it is an affliction….We woman fought hard and fiercely for those “equal rights”! I think we have gone beyond “equal”. My Motherly Wisdom says “enjoy it while you can” because “reality” is a few short weeks away! Love Mom

    • I would agree that we’re beyond equal. John may bring home the bacon and pay the bills, but I do take care of everything else, including Wes eventually. He will be a great dad and play a huge part in his upbringing, but I think women just automatically work overtime!

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