Maternity Leave: Day 2 {Owie!}

Well, my decision to leave work early was a good choice. I’m hurting… not about-to-give-birth pain, but a dull, achy, pulling, semi-immobile pain.

This morning I felt okay, so I was able to break down boxes from the shower gifts, get out the garbage {not heavy, promise! The can has wheels and I dragged the boxes!}, and cut back my decorative grasses for new growth in the front yard. Come on, do you really think John would cut back these grasses on his own accord, let alone know what to do? Well, yes, but let me rephrase. Would he do it to my specifications? Not without a lot of coaching, so I took matters into my own hands. {love you!}

Ok, that wasn’t so bad. Then, since I had absolutely no food in the house, I took a trip to Giant. Well, this is where it started to get a little uncomfortable. By the time I got home and attempted to get the laundry pile under control, I was in full-fledged {hip} pain. I would say that I got about 80% of laundry done before I crashed – for 2 hours. Oh, and don’t let me forget chasing my cat to wipe his ass because he was having what I lovingly refer to as “shit spray”. So, after cleaning his butt, dealing with him hissing and biting, and cleaning the “shit spray” off the carpet, I then crashed {while gritting my teeth because he decided to like his butt incessantly on my bed}.

Maybe I should have kept moving and not take a nap because now I’m walking like I was run over by a Mack truck {almost a true story yesterday}.

Darn you Relaxin! {shaking fists at my hips}

Darn you Rudy! {launching the cat off the bed}

I’ve always had bad hips, but these hormones are totally making them worse than usual. I have plans tonight to go to a school event with John and dinner with work friends. I’m not sure how I will feel, but I’m hoping if I move around I will feel a little better.

Little guy hasn’t been moving much at all today, so I’m wondering what’s going on there. Usually he is really active, especially when I have the computer on my belly. Well, nothing is going on right now. Is he wedge into my hips ready and raring to go? Is he sleepy? Is he okay? {Ugh, I hate the worry you feel as a mom, let alone a soon-to-be mom. This feeling started from day one, and it will never go away.}

Ok, taking a sugar break – let’s see how long it takes him to respond.

Time now: 4:43 PM

My poison: green grapes & belly jiggles


Pfew! 1 kick confirmed at 4:46 PM

Rolls at 4:51 PM

“Ok, owe kiddo I get the point, you’re okay!” at 4:52 PM

Welcome to my world of spazziness people. Sit back, relax and enjoy the insanity which is my {hormonal} life on maternity leave. 42 more days until Wes!


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