Week 35: Craziness!

Before getting started on my weekly update, I just have to share the rocky morning I’ve had so far. You’ll get a good chuckle at my expense, and that’s ok!  

 This all occurred this morning between 6:38 and 8:15… for real.

Strike 1, Late start: John and I woke up a little late – like 6:38 am late. That’s over an hour later than we should have gotten up, especially since John has to be at work by 7:30 and I needed to be in Paoli by 8:15.  Being only 15 minutes from work, John had no trouble getting to school on time. However, for me this was nearly impossible.  Rush hour in the suburbs of Philadelphia is a nightmare, regardless of where you live within the Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware County area.

Strike 2, Unable to dress for WDSD: I was in such a hurry, I had no time to plan my WDSD blue and yellow outfit and I left in a rush with dirty hair, a hot pink top and black skirt. Totally not how I planned my day.

Strike 3, Pedestrian: Let’s set the scene. I’m at the bottom of the street in Royersford and see a kid begin to walk across the street. Fine, I clearly stop. But the little *bleep* walks slower than me with a full bladder! He’s fiddling with his earbuds, not even noticing a car is waiting for him to cross. So, I do what I do with anyone who is ignorant and inconsiderate – I lay on the horn, scream at him to pay attention and move! Yes, a little bit of my New York heritage came out at that moment.

Strike 4, School busses: I was behind school busses on several occasions which isn’t so bad because the busses typically pull off into a side street eventually. However, in Phoenixville I was seriously cut off! Like, not just cut off where there’s plenty of time to slow down. I mean, cut off where I could have been pushed off the road or crushed. Leave it to bus drivers in this area to cut out in the middle of rush hour traffic and not get hit by other vehicles or pulled over by a cop.  Oh, wait a minute, how about this morning! Or, how about the crash that killed the little girl, who was a triplet, a month ago!

Again, I lay on the horn and have a mini flip-out session. {Are you worried yet that I am a teacher? I swear that I am typically a sane human being, but when you combine hormones, stupidity, dangerous situations and traffic, I lose it.}

Strike 5: A trip that would take 40 minutes and 35 miles away via highly traveled 422 to 202 (without traffic) took 75 minutes by way of moderately traveled back roads. Take into consideration parking and navigating the labyrinth formally known as Paoli Hospital, I got there just in time. Pfew!  Needless to say, I already sent 3 threatening texts to John regarding what I was going to do to the women who rescheduled me at 8:15 in the morning. Thank God my husband is taking this new “irie” approach to life and did his best to make me happy, smiley face emoticons and all!  He’s a sweet guy!

Strike 6:  Still somewhat annoyed from the hellish drive, I slowly work my ways towards the hospital from the parking garage.  Just as I was exiting the parking garage, a car stops to let me cross.  This is where I get pissed. I walk at a snail’s pace, especially since I have to pee. I am 20 feet from the road, which will take me at least 45 seconds to cross fully. I am waving the kind driver to keep moving, but the J.A. is on her cell phone not paying attention. This is where I get made and scream, “Just go! J.C.!” {If you know me, you know that I really don’t swear and I use filler words like “Jiminy Crickets”. However, I was at my wit’s end.} I was angry because although she “kindly” allowed me to cross, I felt like I had to bust a move to get over there because you know that she really didn’t want to stop. I was also pissed because she was on her phone and did not see me wave her past. Argh!

The best part was when the chick coming towards me chuckled and said that, “I made her day” with my little tiraid.  L.O.L. You know, that actually helped me to find some humor in the day.

In any event, I need to shower, put on some yellow and blue and make it an amazing day!

Now, let’s get to the good, happy-go-lucky-but-still-laugh-at-my-expense update!

How far along? 35 weeks!

How big is Wes? According to babycenter.com, Wes is a “honey dew” melon. Again, he’s a bit smaller, so let’s call him a “cantaloupe”, haha! In reality, he’s a bit over 5lbs and the doctor said that he is looking well and on track.

Health of Wes? NST’s are getting shorter and shorter because momma now knows that sparky needs to be riled up otherwise he’s a sleepy baby.  Dr. K says that he is looking great and she talked about early delivery dates with me so that all of his specialists can be there.  She’s thinking a week early, but she will know better next week once I start “internals” to see if I am dialating. Yum-O!

Health of Momma? BP 110/70 and my weight has drastically increased in one week. D’ah!  My fingers are so fat that I cannot wear my wedding rings, but at least there is a lovely dent on my ring finger to show that “I’m taken”. Yes gentleman, you cannot woo this larger-than-life preggo, so don’t even try! {The boys cannot resist my kankles!}

My hormones are out of whack. Some days I am really happy; other days I’m so sad. Part of it has to do with the unknowns associated with Down syndrome and not knowing if he will indeed need surgery for his potential poop issues as soon as he’s born.  I love my son so much that I worry myself sick. I know that I would worry even if this was a typical pregnancy, but honestly my fears are heightened due to the unknown. I know that once he is here my anxiety will diminish and I will be able to chill out, but don’t count on that until he’s here.

Weight gain? Wow, last week I was what, 182lbs.? This week, I’m 189lbs.!  Holy cow, please be water weight! Dr. K assured me that their scale is wrong, but I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen my home scale increase. I guess this is what happens when you stop work and no longer bust a move around school all day. I think I need to go for a walk IMMEDIATELY.

Maternity clothes update? My Buddha belly hangs out of the bottom of all my shirts! I live in yoga pants and anything stretch.

Stretch Marks? No stretch marks at all.

Skin? Horrible, just horrible! Along with my bacne, my vitiligo {think Michael Jackson and his light skin} is starting to show due to the increase in sun exposure.  Plus, I believe I am getting a little bit of melasma {think brown patched} next to my vitiligo and near my ear. I’m a flipping calico cat!

See, he's not even happy!

I love my son and I actually love carrying him and being pregnant. I do not love what pregnancy is doing to my body.

Sleep? Varies… I’ve been running hot at night and wake up sick to my stomach often that it’s hard to sleep at all.

Best moment this week? There are so many great moments! First of all, the weather has been amazing. This week we may actually hit near 90 degrees by Friday! What the what!? It’s March, in Pennsylvania! Another great moment was seeing my colleagues one last time before Wes arrives. This was so nice because I really do miss them. It was somewhat of a bittersweet visit since I know that I cannot work due to physical and mental limitations, but I still feel guilty for my choice. I just need to remind myself that I am doing this so Wes doesn’t come earlier than expected. Repeat Adrienne, “It’s all for Wes, it’s all for Wes, it’s all for Wes…” And of course, today is World Down Syndrome Day, so what’s not to celebrate!?

Movement? Space is very limited for Wes at this point, so the majority of movement is felt when he has hiccups, when I move into a position he doesn’t like, or when I eat something hot or cold.  I can rile him up, but I’d rather not. He makes me pay for it severely, LOL!

Food cravings? Anything that’s edible. I don’t want to talk about food right now – we’re not friends, especially since I am gaining so quickly now!

Labor signs?  I think my body is starting to prepare for Wes. I am getting Braxton Hicks more frequently, but still sporadic enough to not call it in. There’s some pulling going on down south and I feel nauseous more often, which I would associate with some dilation.  Internals start next week, so we’ll have a better idea of where I am at by that point.

Belly button in or out? It’s still in and I doubt that it will pop out by this point, but ya never know!?

What I miss? Being 150lbs. Never thought I’d wish for that. I can’t believe that I was 136lbs. in 2009… so sadly missed! P90X anyone?

What I am looking forward to? I look forward to getting my pre baby pedicure with my neighbor whose also pregnant. I am going for a baby blue color in celebration of Wes. I’m sure by May my toenails will look really bad and I will regret going with that color.  I am also seeing the Hunger Games this weekend. Still debating whether I will dress for the occasion as a Morphling, Rue, or pregnant Katniss. I guess we’ll see!

Weekly wisdom? Don’t make appointments for first thing in the morning.

Milestones? 4, yes 4 weeks until Wes arrives!


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