Wes’s semi-official birthday: The good, the {really} bad, and the George McFly

…added more for clarification

What do these people and events have in common?  

April 20th 

Today I was given the news that unless Wes arrives early, he will be here one week earlier than expected. This is all for scheduling purposes and nothing else – Dr. K just wants to make sure that everyone who needs to be there is there! If that’s the case, then Wes will be born on or around Friday, April 20th!

Now, In my opinion no doctor wants to necessarily deliver on a weekend, so this is made out of pure math and assumption on my part! Who knows, he could be here the 18th or the 25th! But, it’s nice to have clarity in the birth of little man.  Dr. K will give me better insight after my ultrasound and routine NST next Friday.

Honestly, I am not  thrilled about Wes being born on this date.  Though there are some good things that have occurred, most people associate this date in a negative way. Actually, two weeks ago I casually mentioned to someone, “Just watch, he will be born on 4/20.” Oye!

So buddy, either your birthday will need to be changed or we’ll just have to make the best of it because you will rock this date in a positive way!



3 thoughts on “Wes’s semi-official birthday: The good, the {really} bad, and the George McFly

  1. Heidi Ehle says:

    I love this….your little comments are precious! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    And Father John Turi, an extra special man in my life…and yours ….was born on this day. I am in awe of this man! And Bob Lander, a friend since well before you were born…..and one of the funniest men I have ever had the honor of knowing………was born on 4/20. And if Wes joins them…………..well……………..he is keeping very good company!

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