36 Weeks: Delayed post due to groggy mind!

How far along? 36 weeks!

How big is Wes? 5lbs, 1 oz. Wes went from the 53rd percentile down to 15th percentile in size. Now, Wes is being compared to “typical” babies at 36 weeks which measures his head, waste and legs. Since Wes has Ds, his arm and leg lengths are shorter which skews his growth because his leg length does not accurately reflect his size.

Health of Wes? Wes is doing well, but he is being watched much more closely now and he may be an Easter baby like I predicted. So far, we are up from one weekly exam to four; two non-stress tests, one check up and one ultrasound. Because of how drastically Wes went from measuring in line with his peers to all of the sudden halting in growth, Dr. D said that if he is 10% or below in size compared with his peers at the next appointment on Monday, we will need to discuss delivering him immediately. What the what?! If you’re shocked by my reaction, let me brief you on Friday’s frustration…

Remember how Dr. K said that we needed to discuss setting a delivery date for 39 weeks and that freaked me out because of the 4/20 birth date? Yes, well when I brought that up to Dr. M, who is the paranatologist that diagnosed Wes during my sequential screening, when I saw him on Friday. In any event, I don’t really know Dr. M nor did I feel great with him – he was cold unlike Dr. D. He was almost as cold as Jackie at the office, so I was ecstatic to have Alpa as my tech that day.  Anyway, getting to the point, he was basically “appalled” with the idea of me delivering one week early and that I will have to go into labor on my own. If I were to be induced, it would be after 40 weeks. When I relayed the information to one of my docs at the OBGYN, she agreed with him because of his experience. Needless to say, I was a little upset from hearing so much conflicting information. However, I put my big girl pants on and just cried to my mommy in the car. I was so overwhelmed and just felt out of the loop. So, getting back to my story…

What the what?! Yes, exactly – Wes might be here next week! Today at the ultrasound, Dr. D was just checking my fluid levels and Wes’s heart rate, which both looked great. However, he was concerned with the size of Wes and he jokingly, yet somewhat seriously said, “Try to go into labor this week if you can.”  Ok, I will try! =) Fortunately, John has off Thursday of this week until Tuesday, so if we need to go to the hospital, we’re ready and raring! I just can’t believe that my little boy may be just a week from gracing us with his presence – sweet!

Oh, and yes I did see Wes in a 3D, but Dr. D didn’t print it out. It wasn’t that clear of a picture and Wes looked ticked. I mean really, really annoyed. Dr. D and I shared a chuckle, ha! However, I did get a pic and I will try and upload recent pics into my Wes page later.

Health of Momma? BP 108/64, fatty patty, and anxious.

Weight gain? 192 lbs. Yep, 192 lbs. FML. I guess this is what happens when you’re sedentary. I was 176 while working – yes, just 2 weeks ago. What will I do if I get to 200lbs!?

Maternity clothes update? Since I fit in nothing, I had to go shopping on Sunday. I honestly only fit in one pair of my maternity pants and all of my shirts expose my belly. I know that it’s almost the end of this journey, but I don’t think it’s okay to be feeling horrible about myself day in and day out. So, I went to Motherhood today and my mom got me a few pair of pants – two of which are tights. Now, tights are typically a “no” in my book, especially since the majority of my baby weight went to my thighs {I kid you not}. However, those loose yoga pants made me look worse {if you could believe it} and since I’m indoors most of the day, I’m not too concerned. I’m hoping they will make me work harder once Wes is here. After Motherhood I went to Old Navy. This was the best thing ever… I was ecstatic that the $5 t-shirt promotion was going on AND I could fit into a large t-shirt. Hallelujah! I couldn’t believe that it fit over my belly! In any event, I got 11 t’s and 2 maternity tanks for $65 after my coupon. It was totally worth it AND I got $30 of Old Navy bucks to use next week. Sweet! {I hope I can make it to Old Navy – otherwise someone is going for me!}

Stretch Marks? No, I’m still doing well in that respect.

Skin? I’ve sucked it up and used Proactiv for the past week and it’s working when it comes to reducing the formation of new acne from forming on my back. I will most likely have scarring for awhile, but as long as it stops, I’m happy.

Sleep? When I can. Saturday I slept 9 hours without interruptions; it was heavenly. Sunday and last night – no dice. Horrible sleep and it’s due to pain, acid reflux and having to pee. D’ah!

Best moment this week? Well, I’m somewhat miserable at this point in my pregnancy, so I will really have to reach for this one. I would say getting my free nail polish, having my nephew stay overnight and getting a bunch of non-maternity shirts from Old Navy for $5. Though I’m not a fan of wearing Old Navy labeled gear, I am a fan of comfort and affordability! Oh, and the nice day today (sans wind) definitely helps to improve my mood. Those nonstop drizzly days were a bummer.

Movement? His movements have decreased, but it’s just due to the lack of space. He is at his most active when I first wake up and after dinner. He’s crazy awake when the music is blasting in my car. That’s when I do those kick counts they want you to do. Laying quietly in a dark room does nothing for this little man – he just snoozes right along with me! Can you see why I don’t look forward to non-stress tests? Today was my second one in just 3 days and the nice older lady put this God awful jazz music next to me to wake the bugger up. He was unimpressed! Fortunately my genetic counselor stopped in to say hello, and  hearing our conversation made his heart race. What a good boy!

Food cravings? Not necessarily craving much right now, but I am doing my best to eat more high protein meals since I don’t feel satisfied otherwise. The other day I went to Whole Foods and ate lunch there with my mom. I got a salad with my favorite items: pickled beets, edamame, chick peas and hard boiled eggs – yummy!{ I think John would have yacked over that selection…} I also tried some new stuff including quinoa and teriyaki grilled tofu. It was excellent! My vegan chocolate cookie was awesome too – almost like those stale cookies you’d get from an elementary school! I swear I could be vegan or vegetarian if food was prepared for me. I actually really don’t like eating meat all that often, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to prepare than tofu. If you have suggestions on how to make tofu edible, let me know! Unfortunately, I’m 40 minutes from the closest Whole Foods that can prepare it correctly.

Labor signs? The more I walk, the more contractions I feel. Friday I got one which stopped me in my tracks. It didn’t hurt, but I felt like my muscles just stopped and I was somewhat paralyzed in place. Then yesterday afternoon I was getting them and they actually hurt, but today I am fine. I must be “ripening” as the doctor’s want, Barf!

Belly button in or out? My belly button is half in, half out and getting a little shade of brown pigmentation popping out. What the heck is that!?

What I miss? Feeling normal in all senses of the word.

What I am looking forward to? So, I didn’t get the baby blue toenail color that I wanted since the salon only had dark shades of blue. With spring upon us, I think pastels and juicy colors are the way to go. However, I ended up picking a mango color that looks pumpkin orange on my toes – Yuck! Fortunately, I got one of the free nail polish colors from an Essie/ Tom’s shoes promotion that’s the perfect shade of pastel blue! How awesome is that!? Now, who’s up for painting my little piggies? And of course, possibly meeting baby Wes next week – wouldn’t that be cool!!!!???

Weekly wisdom? Don’t be afraid to express sadness, worry, fear or anxiety. Becoming a parent isn’t all sunshine and buttercups. Just don’t dwell in it. {Thanks Erin!}

Milestones? I cannot pick things up off the floor and I have to wiggle my leg awkwardly just to get out of bed!



One thought on “36 Weeks: Delayed post due to groggy mind!

  1. Tara says:

    Hang in there. Breathe. Before you know it, you’ll have that sweet baby boy in your arms and forget all this confusing rah rah.

    (Just an aside, my 2nd baby weighed 6 pounds according to her emergency 3D ultrasound but when she came out by emergency c-section just a couple of hours later, she actually weighed 7 pounds. My placenta abrupted earlier that day. Point being, these things are not perfect.)

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