Calm before the storm…

It’s the calm before the storm…

This weekend has been very relaxing – like no joke, extremely relaxing.  We’ve mentally prepared ourselves that we will most likely become parents this coming week, so we did nothing but chill this weekend. This is entirely not like me because I love to keep busy – which I did in moderation {shopping, cleaning, and cooking}. However, I just knew that relaxing will not be something I can do at any moment in time in the near future. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t lounge around all day, but it was definitely slow paced for my standards.

Friday was really fun because we had my nephew for the day since he was off of school for spring break. The morning started out nice; Danny and I both woke up to a beautiful sun rise coming in the window and we talked about the snapping turtles, fish and Herron that inhabit the pond in the back yard. Then we ventured into my “old bedroom” and woke up Uncle John in the best manner possible; by Danny jumping on the bed and me annoying him relentlessly to wake up so we can make breakfast. Eventually he came down after I “made” Danny some of Aunt Jamima’s best pancakes and cheesy eggs and made myself a very tall cup of coffee. This was necessary due to the unrest of the night. Poor Daniel has inherited not only my left handedness, but also my terrible habit of sleep walking, sleep talking and tossing and turning I had as a kid. I still have these issues when I’m very stressed, only I’ve added sleep eating to the list. Fortunately my drug of choice is cereal, but a lot of it!  After breakfast I decided that Danny needed to release some energy, so we went for a jog. Yea, you heard me right – I chased him around our street. He looked at me like I was insane, but I almost beat him in the race. {Well, I’d like to think so!} Since jogging is not in my best interest for the remainder of the day, I thought it would be nice to head out to the local park.

This is where the poo hit the fan. Yup. Flash back.


Last night my sister said, “Do you need a booster seat for Dan?” “No”, I replied, “We have one for Wes that he can use.”


For one hour John and I wrestled with that thing trying to coax the booster seat off with no avail. It was a nightmare! I tried calling the company to rip them a new one, but they work on PST and it was 9 in the morning our time.  Well, by 10 I was livid, grabbed the keys, apologized to Danny for our grumpiness and explained that the chair was goofy, and that I was going to get him a booster at Target. Well, I got one, but it’s purple, pink, and loaded with flowers, ha!  Well, at least I have something girly in my car now! In any event, we ended up making it a great day. We first ate lunch at Chili’s {where Danny tried to order two main meals and gave me a loud, “Awhhhh…!” – to make it sound right, start with the AWH in a high pitch, then dip down with the H, then for a little extra zeal, raise the pitch again and exaggerate the exclamation – that is how it sounds, LOL!} then we went to the park. Danny was sleeping in the backseat and perked up when I said we were at the park, but he was clearly half asleep and went, can you guess? “Awhhhh….! I want to go to Firefly Park!” {Firefly park is in NY by my parents, not in PA} LOL – well after a half hour of playing on the dirt mound we headed to see the Lorax, not in 3D {Awhhhh….!}, which was pretty good! All in all, a great day full of fun and lots and lots of sugar and Awhhhh….!’s – Haha!

Saturday was pretty uneventful as well; we returned the wretched “convertible” seat made by Baby Trend Trendz to Babies R’ Us.

POS if you need the booster! Heavy as sin too!

Granted, it’s a great seat… if you don’t want to use it solely for the booster. Good thing we did return it because clearly John and I are not the smartest parent’s to be in the bunch. This seat is forward facing and Wes can’t be in it until he’s at least 2. Well, maybe they should specify that when they market it under “convertible” seat and claim that children from 22lbs to 120lbs can sit in the thing. Jeez! In any event, John pretty much broke the “safety Styrofoam” on the back of the seat and the chickie at Babies R’ Us didn’t even inspect the thing. Let me tell you, we did not put that chair back together at all. Minutes later, we saw the repackaged box back by the chairs ready to be restocked.

Warning: Always check items before you leave Babies R’ Us – they may be broken! There are clearly clueless and careless employees at the King of Prussia location. You hear that Babies R’ Us?

Much better!

In any event, we got a Kick-A back to forward facing seat for our little man, and we can put him in it immediately since it’s for 5lbs – 70lbs. {BTW, kids need to be 8 years old to not ride in a booster seat in PA. Question is – why is it necessary for this devise to hold a 70lb kid? Are there really that many obese 8 year olds out there? Wait, wait – this is America. I was probably one of those kids. I did weigh 145lbs in 6th grade!}

Sunday was the best day of the weekend. John woke me up in my bedroom and told me that Dunkin’ Donuts was open and he wanted to take me there – Yes! {If you know my husband, you know he is very thrifty, so spending money on coffee and breakfast when we can make it for a fraction of the cost is HUGE!} Victory! After a relaxing morning at DD, we went home, did some light cleaning {I was a bit obnoxious with what I wanted clean and to what extent} and then I chilled out on the deck. Oh, it was amazing… until I got sunburned two hours later.

Oh well! As my good friend Erin said,

“At least Wes will see you with a tan for the first time 😉 {totally superficial statement to make you giggle} also your feel great in front of the doc’s with a glow! Xooxoxo”

Got to love her!

Afterwards, my mom and step-dad came by to make Easter dinner with us since I was not going anywhere or doing anything crazy this weekend. It was fun and we got to talk about potential birthday cakes that grandpa can make for Wessie Poo if he arrives this week. My step-dad is off of school for spring break this week – talk about a convenient birth for him! My poor dad is in the thick of tax season and this is the worst week for him! Well, good old Adrienne always puts a wrench in things now don’t I? My husband’s schedule is a whole other story, but hey, his students, FBLA kids and tennis kids will have to deal!

Well, now it’s time for a bubble! What a relaxing end to a marvelous beginning!




4 thoughts on “Calm before the storm…

  1. Bethany says:

    Love reading your blog and am so excited you get to meet your sweet boy Wes soon. Congrats to you and your hubby…you will all be in my thoughts and prayers as your due date approaches…Bethany

  2. Heidi Ehle says:

    If I had to guess, I think you’re heading towards labor quickly….Hope that’s true! 🙂 Vacuuming the cat just put it over the top. lol ((big hugs)) Can’t wait to see pictures of Liddy’s future boyfriend!

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