Maybe baby… next week? {Ha!}

Well, it’s a no-go on delivering Wessie-Poo this week. That’s okay though, I really do want him to bake a bit longer.  Wes is still in the 15th percentile in growth, so he didn’t stop growing, but he’s keeping steady. The fluids are looking fine and his heart rate is impressive!  I have no idea how much he weighs, but if he were in the 50th percentile he would be 6.3lbs. So, he’s somewhere between 5-6lbs, not bad! Dr. D was definitely more positive about Wes holding tight at this visit than the last visit.

It’s just so frustrating that I am told at every appointment to be prepared to go at any second, especially since I’ve been hearing this for weeks. I’m more mentally exhausted than physically most days – come on, I chased my nephew the other day- sheesh! As my work colleague said, it’s probably just to CYA – something we know well in the education world! I’m glad to have such good friends to support me with some sane advice during these periods of unknown. I just hope they don’t all think I’m crazy!

It’s been a crazy pregnancy and I am hoping  that my following pregnancies are nothing like this. {No worries folks, I’m waiting for a bit after Wes!}  I know that all pregnancies are different, but this is definitely a unique situation, if you’d even consider it a “situation”. Down syndrome is not a death sentence by any means, it’s just a different way of viewing life and paying more attention to things you wouldn’t otherwise think twice about. For example, I will need to breast/ bottle feed Wes in a different position and massage his tongue and jaw muscles to stimulate them before hand. Not really a big deal – it’s just like giving your child attention. What baby doesn’t like their face gently stroked? There are just little things that I will need to pay attention to in order to increase Wes’s ability to use his tongue and mouth correctly so that he has better speech in the future. Overall, not a big deal, but I definitely focus on it. What loving mother wouldn’t be overly fixated on improving their child’s quality of life? I just need to chillax – like my picture in the IDSC Video states: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. This is just something I need to remind myself of… often.

"Wes - stay out of Mommy's stash!"

In any event…

Though I am happy that he’s baking a little longer, I cannot wait to see his little face, those chubby cheeks and his button nose in person!  Until then, here’s some great pictures our wonderful tech {new lady – she’s a hoot!} took for us today.

One of the pictures is extremely unflattering, but hysterical non the less! Wes looks like a little old Italian man with a stash that drank one too many Carlo Rossi jugs of wine! Another picture shows Wes with his tongue out… he was licking it like a cat licks its paw. This kid is a crazy licker! Last time he was loping up bits of placenta, bleh!

I love my little weirdo-child. He’s just like his Momma!

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