38 Weeks: So frustrated with my practice

I’m not even going to put up my normal weekly update because I am so frustrated with my practice right now…


It is MY JOB to tell the nurses that I have a non stress test for my appointment each time though it SHOULD be in their schedule. How lovely it was when the nurse said to me, “You should have told me that you had an NST today – I would have put you on the machine first.” So, this is my job is what you’re saying?

This happened LAST WEEK too! I made all of these appointments in advance with NSTs scheduled. Apparently what happened was that the girl at the desk did not enter my appointments in correctly and put the NSTs in the notes section and not in the appointment section {I was listening from the waiting room}. She apologized and the scheduling error was supposed to be fixed across the board. Clearly this did not happen.

I have had only one internal exam at 37 weeks. Not one at 36 nor at this appointment which was 38. What is going on here? They look at my like I’m crazy that I’m asking. Well, if I am crazy, why is it that my friends, who are pregnant and going to the same practice, have been getting exams since 36 weeks? Riddle me that! So, I don’t know if I am dilating; I only know that I am indeed thinning, but will not know anymore until my 39th week appointment. Are you serious?

I have a weirdly-shaped and rare placenta. Ok, would have loved to know this sooner. I’m sure they didn’t tell me because there is no concern there, but I want to know. Why keep it from me? Now I’m scouring the internet to find this “domed shaped” placenta my doctor casually mentioned. The only thing I can think of is a Circumvallate placenta {vomit}. I guess I should have prodded more, but I was in the room sitting for 40 minutes before being seen feeling hungry and hot – there’s no ventilation that this particular office.

I am measuring at 34 weeks pregnant. Well, my belly is small and my baby is uber flexible, so I guess that makes sense. He’s measuring at a decent size {not sure what that means other than the obvious} and I’m pretty sure Wes is in my rear because that grew larger than my belly did.

Oh, and I’m 190lbs. Woohoo… lost a pound. Oye!

Ok, I’m done with my rant… Now for my trees and flowers:

I love Kelle Hampton’s Memoir Bloom! I know that there are critics out there {in the Ds community no less} that do not like her. I say support her and celebrate the good that she is doing in our community! I think it’s lovely how she’s showing the beauty of Ds and not focusing on the doom and gloom or therapies and other things that aren’t so pleasant at times. You know, I may complain at times {Complaindrienne was my nickname as a kid!}, but honestly I do enjoy living in my little “trees and flowers” world because it keeps me positive. There is nothing enjoyable about focusing on the negative things that happen in life and I prefer not to subscribe to it. I’ve dropped many people from my {Facebook and personal} social circle due to their toxic energy. I know that there will be those who disagree with me about the memoir and Kelle Hampton, and that’s fine, no offense taken. I just appreciate her sunny demeanor, wicked style, pretty pictures and unrealistically clean house, haha! I guess there’s nothing wrong with showing only the “pretty pictures”. From what you’ve seen about me, I show it all- the good, the bad, and the ooooogly. I’m a bit of an open book.

I just won my Amazon bid for a crib net! Yes, the little things in life make me happy! I love my cats, but those beasts have tried to claim Wes’s crib and it’s getting worse since I have to kick them out. I know, I know, why don’t I close the door. Well, this is why… you’re not supposed to lock cats out of rooms, it just makes i more tempting. So, I sucked it up and paid a mere $34 {with shipping} for a Tots in Mind II net. Other sites want upwards of $80. No thanks! I’m too frugal and smart to pay full price for anything.

Ah ha! Get off of there, youuuuu!

Speaking of not paying full price… John and I just bought a Canon Rebel EOS 500D and 50mm lense for $425 off of Craigslist. Was about to pick it up today, but the guy forgot one of the batteries and the owner’s manual. SO, I am meeting with him tomorrow morning. {Knock on wood!} Now I will be able to take pretty photos of Wes for his site and I’m sure our relatives in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and New York would appreciate {quality} picture/ video updates since they don’t see him all of the time.

Ok, little setback in the day, but it was pretty awesome overall! Plus, I’m so close to holding my peanut that nothing else matters!

Til next time…

XOXO – Adrienne


4 thoughts on “38 Weeks: So frustrated with my practice

  1. Tara says:

    That should say TWO WEEKS in NICU, not 2 months!

  2. Tara says:

    Glad you like the book. There’s plenty of gloom-n-doom out there otherwise. Love the crib net and LOVE the camera!
    As for the practice…I always knew more than they did and had to tell them what to do sometimes. PO’ed me too. I read up on “normal procedures for NICU” and told them what to do as well. It’s frustrating as hell. “Bad” gyno making a flippant comment like that.
    So vent!

    • How long and why was your baby in the NICU? I’m curious to know if Wes will need a NICU stay. At this point he’s “full-term” and he doesn’t have a heart condition, so other than possible Jaundice I’m not sure if he’d be in there. Preparing for anything though!

      • Tara says:

        My daughter (now 17) was delivered by emergency c-section because my placenta abrupted 1 month early. She had blood and pneumonia in one lung and wasn’t coverting oxygen in high enough percentage. The funny thing is, she weighed in at 7 whole pounds! (Her 3D ultrasound shortly before delivery said she weighted 6 pounds, by the way.) Big moose in the NICU. She was put on a ventilator and stayed in for 2 months. The doctors and neonatologists talked gloom and doom constantly and of course, I told you about the big “Mother refuses vaccines!” sign on the incubator. Grrr.
        It’s doubtful he’d have to go to NICU.

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