Week 39: Yes, I am still pregnant

So, I really hoped that some progress would happen this week. My mom was down visiting me since my husband was away for a school related trip to Hershey and I was doing tons and tons of activities to try and spur on labor. These activities include washing my car by hand, planting flowers and herbs, lugging around very heavy pots, walking incessantly, cleaning like a mad woman, shopping outside in 90 degree heat and so on. No labor, but serious back and hip pain causing me to sit in the tub day and night and very, very swollen feet. The proof is in the pudding.

I look obese!

In any event, I am only 1CM dilated and Dr. S so sweetly broke the news to me, “Well, you’re near your due date, but you’re no where near delivering.” She definitely gave me a sad face, which made me feel better because she does have a reputation for being a hard a** when it comes to delivering. I think she felt horrible since I was sitting there with the biggest smile (read: fake) on my face and super sleepy eyes – and I didn’t complain. Honestly, what am I supposed to do? I can’t blame my little Cornish Hen for wanting to cook a little longer; go for it boy! Be strong, that’s all I truly care about! But, the exhausted and uncomfortable side of me is near cracking. I was a trooper (in public, not as much via blog) for so long, but now in my single-digit day countdown I am really miserable. Like, REALLY miserable. If Wes were a 10lb. turkey like some women have, I would die. I think Complaindrienne would be out in full force.

Well in any event, before Dr. S left she said to me in the most serious of voices, “If you notice that he has decreased movement, call us immediately. You will need to be seen.” OK! Scare a momma to death, but good to know!

So, yesterday wasn’t the best day for me and I took advantage of my little pity party. I cried, I slept, and most of all, I ate three Cadbury Cream Eggs to soothe my misery. That lasted only so long because I must have quite the sugar intolerance, if you get my drift. I’m not accustomed to tons of sugar, though my thunder thighs would make you believe otherwise. I doubt I would have passed my glucose tolerance test yesterday.

This morning I had to call to make more appointments at the Paranatologist since I have to see them once a week until Wes arrives. When I called, the girl instantly recognized my voice.

Nurse/ Receptionist: “You didn’t have that baby yet!? What!?”
Me: “No, no baby. In fact, my OB has appointments for me into the first week in May.”
Nurse/ Receptionist: “Oh my, that’s not good!”
Me: “Yes, and if I hear any more comments about people going weeks past their due date, they’re going to be speaking to my firsts.”
Nurse/ Receptionist: “Haha, I bet girl! Well, I’m just going to put you in for one appointment for next week, and we’ll see what happens after that. Fortunately Dr. D is back from Paris.”
Me: “Thank God!”

Dr. D wasn’t around for my last appointment – I missed him! Dr. M was much nicer this time, but he was still commenting about how he was not going to suggest inducing until 41 weeks. D’ah!

In any event, here’s the update!

How far along? 39 weeks… ugh

How big is Wes? 5lbs. 13oz. still in the 15th percentile, which is great. He is now growing on a steady pace and is doing well! Oh, and he’s sunny side up, which is odd. Hopefully he faces down soon.

Health of Wes? He is doing so well! Little guy passed his NST yesterday in 8 minutes! After he already passed his test and was doing great, the nurse buzzed my belly twice because Wes’s heart rate appeared to have drastically plunged. I found this absolutely ridiculous because I told her he was just moving and I knew (being on that darn machine all the time) that it was picking up my heart rate, not his. Clearly, she didn’t believe me even though he was moving as she was buzzing the poor guy. Fortunately, my theory was right when Dr. S came in and reinforced what I said to her. Man, I hate it when people mess with my kid!
Fluids are looking good and he’s reading and raring to go! It’s just my darn cervix that is not.

Health of Momma? BP 110/ 70 – Selfish me hoped that my BP was higher so that they would induce me. I know, I’m the devil.

Weight gain? 192lbs. (at the office) – lost 2lbs! John and I are trying to change our diets so that we’re getting more fruits and veggies in our diet, so smoothies are our new obsession! Other than my cream egg gorge, I’ve been doing pretty well. Hopefully this is something I can somewhat keep up once Wes arrives.

Maternity clothes update? LOL, growing out of my new clothes, ha!

Stretch Marks? No 🙂

Skin? Again, dealing with it.

Sleep? Absolutely horrible sleep. Wes only likes it when I sleep on a 45 degree angle on my back. Maybe he does too since little guy is sunny side up because once I go on my left side he has a conniption.

Best moment this week? Planting pretty flowers and cleaning up the deck.

Movement? As always!

Food cravings? Smoothies of course!

Labor signs? Yes, at night I have “contraptions” (as my nurse referred to them as the other day. LOL) and they last for about 30 seconds.

Belly button in or out? The button is what I would call a Arnold Palmer – half and half

What I miss? Having ONE chin, not two! LOL

What I am looking forward to? Holding Wessie Poo – he’s got to be here soonish, right!?

Weekly wisdom? Do NOT allow sick people in the house! Be very, very clear about that.

Milestones? Making it this long before cracking like an egg.

Playing around with the new camera…

My little helper

Sage & Rosemary from last year. I'm surprised they bounced back after what they looked like yesterday. I love how easily you can bring life back into plants.

My beautiful lavender also bounced back with just a little cleaning up and fresh soil.


My beautiful English mix. I can't wait to see how these look in a month!


4 thoughts on “Week 39: Yes, I am still pregnant

  1. Mom says:

    The pictures look great. We will add more next week. And you are doing SUPER! Do not be so hard on yourself!

  2. Tara says:

    Look at those piggy toes. 😆 Just kidding!
    Hang in there. Ignore people. Really. I’m surprised by what people say without thinking of poor little ole very pregnant you… Oh yeah, and due dates are wrong all the time. 😆 Not what you wanted to hear, huh?

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