Wes got a face lift: Say what?!

Okay, not my Wessie Poo, but the blog. I have updated the overall appearance of TUOW to better compliment my personal style and pretty pictures. {I will do my best not to post too many pics from my phone – they’re horrible!}

The new site has additional information under Adrienne & John, and two new pages: Contact and Blogs I Follow.

At the bottom of each page, you will find my Blog Views, Search Bar, Archives, Recent Posts, “Follow Wes Via Email” and my Category Cloud.

While the overall layout isn’t the best, I refuse to pay for a custom layout when I can get one for free! If you have any suggestions or complaints {I hope not!}, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you like what I write about or just want to snoop around, please feel free to “Follow Wes Via Email”. However, don’t stalk me otherwise I will have to shut the site down. This would be a sad day for my relatives near and far.

Happy reading, and guess what? Only one more week to go! {Well, we’ll see!}

Send me labor vibes!

XOXO Adrienne

OK, very old picture. I just wanted to remember what I looked like with a waist, smaller arms, and eyebrows before they turned white. {I have stress-induced Vitiligo (Think Michael Jackson)}


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