Reveling in a rare artform…handwriting

I went to the mailbox today and discovered one of my most favorite things to receive in the mail; a handwritten note from John’s paternal grandmother, Colleen, AKA Connie, AKA Grandma W.

I envy her ability to hand write such meaningful notes that are free of error and sometimes trail on to the back of the card she has written it on. It is without fail that she will start on the right side, run out of room and continue to write on the left. Then, if she still has something to include, she moves onto the back of the card. I am waiting for the day that she writes on the front of the card.

I love it.

She is such an amazing writer and I wish I had the ability to write such meaningful words with clarity, and in cursive no less, without the aid of the backspace button and spell check squiggly lines. You would not believe how many times I had to correct my spelling and grammar in this one post!

Her words are so sweet, that I had to share.

Dearest Adrienne and John,

I am sure you both are now becoming very anxious and possibly a bit weary during the waiting time. Never heard of any who “didn’t come”.

Think of you both so often and since Adrienne’s back was not comfortable in any position. It does seem eternal at times I’m sure and I do pray for you both to have a good delivery in what ever the way the doctors feel is best. Somehow it does become one phase you do forget quickly when that tiny little creation is in your arms and your hearts.

Somehow love seems to just increase beyond words as you start a new journey with a little one. Celebrate this new life into our family to the fullest. I’m a firm believer in faith and life ahead will be more of better days than hard ones.

Babies are really tough little critters and {…} cry, sleep, smile, and love unconditionally. The different phases of growing go by so quickly and we can hardly wait to hug all three of you. Each day seems longer and yet it is so closer to that birthday I remember!

Do know we’ll be with you both in heart, soul and in love in the “soon to be” special day.

Our Love Always,
Grandma W and Grandpop too


One thought on “Reveling in a rare artform…handwriting

  1. Mom says:

    I also have received lovely notes from Connie. A lost art indeed. She is amazing!

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