Rub a Dub Dub!

WesLove wanted to look sharp for his pediatrician’s appointment on Thursday, so mommy and daddy beautified him for the event!

Temperature duck so we don't burn his biscuits!

The arsenal! I'm assuming this will get easier over time.

They say never wake a sleeping baby, but WesLove is the easiest baby {so far}.

I'm chilly Mommy! {Still no cries! Just grunts}

I feel great Mommy!

The bath couldn’t have gone any better! However, Mommy had to do a little skin-to-skin because WesLove was very chilly. The pediatrician suggested to us to use a space heater in the bathroom prior to bathing him so that the room gets nice a toasty for him. Guess that’s what we’ll do next time!


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