Taking a break… short one hopefully

I’ve been having feeding issues with Wes and I need to take a break from social media for awhile to focus on what is best – Wes.

A child with Down syndrome can be a challenge to breastfeed, which was supported tonight by my new friend Amanda, who was fortunately able to breastfeed her son with Down syndrome successfully for 18 months. Since Wes and I started off rough – not being able to feed him solely without supplement due to low birth weight and jaundice – I was not able to establish a supply early and now I am starting to see my supply drop. It also doesn’t help that Wes LOVES those cheap hospital bottle nipples supplied by Enfamil. Since my girls are no where near the “quality” of the Enfamil nipples, he fights, growls and grunts through feeding sessions. I don’t even know if you would call them feeding sessions because the majority of time is Wes turning red in frustration, pushing me away and and making deep guttural growls. I really mean it; he’s a beast! I knew my little man would be feisty, but man, he is F E I S T Y.

These next few days, or weeks, will be solely focused on attempting to increase my supply so I don’t have to try so hard in the future. Right now I am going through a rough patch because I want to provide the best nutrition for my kid, especially knowing that children with Down syndrome typically have stomach issues. The thought of having Wes solely on formula does not sit well with me because of potential lags in his system. I know that formula isn’t bad, and it won’t be the end of the world if he’s on it. {I have two 4 oz bottles waiting in the wing right now!} However, I need to contribute to at least half of his meals and make sure he eats enough. So, it’s not just breastfeeding being an issue, it’s also getting little guy to be awake long enough to get him to eat. Otherwise, he sees feedings like a smorgasborg. He eats like his great grandpap – all day long.

So anyway, I need to remain a hermit for a little longer until some kind of schedule is made. I am tired of running myself ragged – I just can’t seem to get my S together. If you have advice, please share – I’d love to hear!


3 thoughts on “Taking a break… short one hopefully

  1. mummalove says:

    Just enjoy the time with your gorgeous boy (and he is beautiful by the way!) They grow up too quickly, so make the most of the extra cuddles while you both work out a winning feeding strategy. Social media isn’t so cuddly 😉 Thinking of you x

  2. mummalove says:

    Just enjoy the time with your gorgeous boy. They grow up too quickly, so make the most of all the extra cuddles… social media is not as cuddly 😉 I hope you settle into a good feeding pattern soon. I am thankful that my little cherub seems to be feeding well, despite the DS, but I’m sure that’s in part due to being baby #3 – it certainly wasn’t as easy first time round for me either. Thinking of you x

  3. Tara says:

    Take your time. Social media isn’t supposed to stress you out!

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