These were a few of my favorite things!

Motherhood, as many of you know, is exhausting.Like, so exhausting you need to have a drink to calm down, turn off and get an hour or two of shut-eye.

It’s so exhausting that even when I do get sleep, I don’t want to do a thing. Not even my favorite things!

Couponing… I miss you dearly; I really mean it! Looking at my diminishing stockpile causes instant panic. “I only have 4 deodorants left, what do I do!?” “I can’t pay full price for deodorant! That’s a crime against humanity!”  It’s so upsetting because I look at my coupon binder in one hand and weekly flyers in the other and just sigh. Rite Aid, CVS, Target… my old friends. Maybe we’ll meet again soon?

Blogging… My brain cells are so fried that I can’t even develop complete sentences on most days. I love blogging so much, but when I am still getting up several times a night to feed Wes, I can’t get a full night’s rest. Forget napping – I try to but either it doesn’t work or I wake up nasty and disoriented.

Here are a few things I need to write about but haven’t:

  • Early Intervention Meeting
  • Feeding issues
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Facebook… Other than this instance, I do not go on the computer… Facebook, blog, etc. all done via phone. It’s not east to do any of those things on a phone, especially my POC phone. I feel like I am missing out on what’s going on in my social circle. Maybe I will be more active once I get more sleep? Or, do I say “forget sleep” and just exhaust myself even more?

Reading… Whether it be reading a magazine, book, blog – I just don’t do it anymore. Lately when I get blog notifications in my inbox, rather than read it, I delete it.

Biking… Totally impossible to do with an infant.

Take pictures… Well, I take them, I’m just too lazy at the moment to upload them.

Oh, I need to stop complaining. It’s too exhausting.


One thought on “These were a few of my favorite things!

  1. Tara says:

    LOL 😆 Couponing? Um, yeah right! I know you miss it, but this is the new you – the improved you, the Mommy you. You’ll find a pace that works for you. But yes, some things will take priority and some will fall by the wayside. It’s so worth it. My first born baby graduates from high school Friday night. I’m glad my first priorities have always been with my children. And I really don’t feel like I missed out on anything anywhere else. That’s what you shoot for.
    Welcome to the Mother Hood. 😉

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