Adrienne & John

Moments before we said, "I do"

This blog was conceptualized by Adrienne and her desire to one day write a book and check it off her bucket list, along with gaining her doctorate and teaching at the college level. Originally slated to be a children’s book, fate had a way of stepping in and shaking things up a bit, thus resulting in The Upside of Wes. Though at this time a book seems a little far out of reach, blogging was the natural step towards attaining her dreams.

Our story:

We originally met the summer of 2006 while working for the same property management company. The first time John set eyes on Adrienne he couldn’t stop thinking about her. It didn’t take long for Adrienne to follow her heart and ask John out on a date in early October of 2006.  Though a weekend date was out of the question since John was attending a family wedding, a Monday night date was the solution for the two who were instantly infatuated with one another. We had to be to have a first date on a Monday!  Fast forward 2 1/2 years later to January 30, 2009 where our lives were forever joined when John asked Adrienne to be his wife in a perfectly understated way leading Adrienne on a hilarious scavenger hunt. On May 28th, 2010, we were married at Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in a lovely ceremony on one of the most perfect days surrounded by our closest friends and family. After a year of living as newly weds and months of talking about starting a family, Adrienne discovered that she was expecting a baby late August of 2011 and announced it to John in a dramatic way – ambushing him at a tennis match at his school!  Little did we know at the time that this little miracle would forever change our lives more than what we expected and strengthen our marriage more than we could ever imagine.

About Adrienne:

Rudy as a 10 month old {read: before he got chunky} and silly Natalie who is just 3 years older.

Native to New York, I moved to Southeaster Pennsylvania in 2006 after graduating from Marist College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.  To begin a new life, I moved to be closer to my sister and her young son (who is now nearly 7 with twin younger brothers) in search of a career in the business world.  Though the course work for my degree was interesting and challenging, I didn’t see it as a good fit for me for my future.  After meeting John, we both decided to go back to school to become teachers. In August of 2007, I enrolled into West Chester University to earn my teaching certification, which was later followed by a special education certification in 2010 from Immaculata University. Outside of teaching, I really enjoy reading, walking, biking, writing, taking pictures with my new camera,couponing like a queen, going out to eat, drinking sangria (when not pregnant, of course!), and spending time with my family and friends. But most of all, I love spending quiet evenings with my little family cooking and eating dinner at the dining room table. Yes, there is no TV involved! It’s our time to talk about our day. {Oh, and I love my cats, Natalie and Rudy. You will see many pictures of them, so if you don’t like cats, sorry! They’re my pre-Wes furbabies!}

AT&T Nationals Summer 2011

About John:
{written by wifey…}

John grew up outside of Reading, Pennsylvania in a pristine town with two teachers for parents and a younger brother, Mark. In 1999, John graduated from high school and attended Penn State University for Finance and Economics, and soon after joined a fraternity that could have given his wife a heart attack if she knew him them. Fortunately for her, she did not. After graduating, John spent several years in Boston where he worked in real estate and had fun doing so. However, in late 2005 John decided to move out of Boston to start a new life {i.e. ditch the ex} and was deciding between Charleston, South Carolina or Philadelphia. Fortunately he chose Philadelphia where he soon met his wife-to-be at work and entirely put a wrench in his plans to live the bachelor life with his buddy from his hometown. John too grew tired of the real estate business since it was very different from Boston, so he pursued his dreams of becoming a teacher. In early 2007, John began the Masters of Business Education program at Temple University and finished in May of 2008 with a solid job as a high school Business and Computer teacher with side work coaching high school Tennis and FBLA. When not doing what he loves, John enjoys spending time with his closest friends from childhood, golfing, playing tennis, attending Phillies games, relaxing and attending to his wife’s every wish. Well, maybe not the last one.

Outside of NYC March 2012

What we love:

Not to sound cheesy, but John and I really do love to teach. It’s just part of who we are! Whether it’s John instructing his students in class or on the court, he finds passion in what he does, and I am right there with him. Wes has become the catalyst to my new passion; educating those who do not know about Down syndrome and those who may be ignorant to others who are different. My message is the same as what everyone in the Down syndrome community wants you to know, “We are more alike than different.”

My son is teaching me every day to reconsider how I view life and how I approach others. Though I have always been a compassionate person, I strive to increase my compassion and acceptance towards others in our world. I hope you find it in your heart to do the same. My favorite quote, one in which I read every day is, “Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be.”

Other things that we love include, but are soooo not limited to: Philadelphia sports teams, Philly foods {cheese fries, cheese steaks, soft pretzels, oh my!}, Penn State, the great state of Oregon, domestic traveling including day trips, music {though we don’t always agree – I’m very picky}, going to concerts, looking for new houses online, saving money and micro brews and wine. {Not so much wine for John, unless it tastes like grape jelly!}


4 thoughts on “Adrienne & John

  1. sweetmother says:

    great blog, new friend. i’m happy to have visited it and honored to be on your blogroll. much love, sweet mother

  2. Lorna Carroll says:

    Hi there,

    I stumbled on your blog yesterday – I rarely post replies but felt I had to to wish you both and Wes the very best for the future.

    My sister in law Melissa has Down Syndrome. She is 45 years old and is the light of my mother in law’s life.

    Lots of hugs and kisses to you all from Dublin, Ireland.

    Lorna x

    • Thank you Lorna 🙂 I really appreciate your response, and John and I can’t wait to welcome Wes into our family!

      I am sure Melissa feels nothing but love from your family. I really think we don’t understand the power of love until something comes in and shakes up our lives forever. For me it was the tragic loss of my brother followed by the amazing miracles of Wes just 15 years later. Sometimes the unexpected things in life make you sit back and appreciate all that has been granted to us.

      XOXO Adrienne

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