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I love to read blogs just as much as I love writing my own. Below you will find my favorite blogs that inspire me to think, laugh, and reflect. Unfortunately, I no longer have a blog roll, but I blame that on my poor excuse for a blog layout. I guess this is what I get for free!

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Down syndrome blogs and information:
IDSC For Life: “IDSC for Life is dedicated to promoting the dignity and respect for all individuals with Down syndrome, from conception and throughout life.” I love these women and have special connections with Diane who is one of the founders. Diane included me in a video for World Down Syndrome Day 3:21 2012.

IDSC For Life WDSD Video

Down Syndrome Pregnancy: An informative blog that was started by mothers on It’s a great resource with a downloadable book titled Diagnosis to Delivery: A Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome. I even got a copy from CHOP, which is a local children’s hospital out of Philadelphia.

Down Syndrome New Momma: This blog was one of my first resources when I found out Wes would have the extra chromosome for awesomeness. It’s a great resource and you can connect with other bloggers on this site.

The Speech Mama: Amazing blog that helps many parents, especially those with children with Down syndrome, with improving their child’s speech.

Down syndrome mommy blogs:
Enjoying The Small Things: Kelle Hampton is a very popular photoblogger who has two daughters, Lainey and Nella. Nella has Down syndrome.

I am a big supporter of her memoir because I can relate to a lot of the experiences she has. If you would like to purchase or read reviews about Bloom, click here.

Those Newmans: Barry and Ashley are on the same journey as John and I. Their blog focuses on baby Eli, infertility and IVF.

Ski’ing Through Life: Erin is a photographer, mother of almost three, and a dear friend of mine. Her middle child, Grady, has been blessed with designer genes.

My Liddy Bug: Heidi is a mom to little Lydia {Liddy} AKA, Wes’s future cougar wife!

The everyday life of Jaime Harmen and her partner Jenn and their adorable snug-a-boo Jaidin.

The House that Jade Built: A mother of three; 2 with 46 chromosomes and one with a little something extra {beautiful Ollie Faith}, amazing interior decorator and fitness queen! I admire this woman!

Holly’s House: Oh my Lord, I practically pee my pants every time I read her blog. Definitely not a perfect mom by any means, and I love it! Oh, and a little Ds in the mix as well. {Did that sound wrong?}

Miscellaneous blogs:

Janet Mock: Janet is transgender advocate, writer and overall awesome human being. I should know, I met her!

Read about her amazing journey here!

Sweet Mother: Sweet Mother is a hysterical lesbian blogger and comedienne.

Sweet Leigh Momma: A blogger documenting the ups and downs of mommyhood.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: I love to save money, so this is one of the best sites to visit to access coupons and coupon match ups each week.

For The Mommas: Another coupon site, this one is more regional to me and has my local grocery store.

Do you have an interesting blog that you think I’d like to follow? If you can make me laugh, provide solid Ds or parenting advice, or just give me a different perspective, I am all ears! Email me at

The only blogs I typically do not follow are political, anti-gay, heavily focused on religion or anti-religion sentiments. {I’m very much an independent and prefer to stay moderate} Sorry if that’s you, but I am all about trees and flowers and non-controversial topics. I can get fired up and I much prefer to live in la la land.


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