Wes Henry
April 23, 2012 at 3AM
18.5″ 5lbs. 11oz.

In late November of 2011, my life entirely changed. No longer was I becoming a mom to what I believed in my heart to be a girl, but a mom to a boy with a little something extra.  Initially I was distraught, but soon {and I mean soon} thereafter I just fell even more in love with my child than I already was. I knew that belonging to the designer gene club was a really awesome and exclusive club to be a part of. Only a handful of people I knew or more accurately, knew of were so lucky to be touched by someone so awesome. I know that there are moms and dads out there who hate it when they’re told that their child with a disability is a blessing, but to me,Wes and his extra chromosome is a blessing.

Maybe it was mother’s instinct, or just pure hope, but I knew Wes would have Down syndrome even before he was planned. Three years before finding out about Wes, I would dream about my future baby and a child with Down syndrome would always resonate in my mind. This image did not scare me. What I found worrisome is that my expectations would not come true. Besides, what were the chances of having my “dream child” anyway?

A year ago was when I began to pursue this image of my child. At this time, I began to read blogs I found by way of Facebook stalking friends and high school classmates. This is when I became aware of  Kelle Hampton {Enjoying the Small Things} and Erin Witkowski {Ski’ing Through Life}, a friend of a friend who a year earlier had a little boy with Down syndrome at just 25.  I watched her video about “Grady’s Secret” and I was envious of the gift she was given.

I know, you may think I’m crazy for thinking this, but I did and I still do. Grady is an amazing little boy, and I just wished that I could connect one way or another with Erin at the time because I was so impressed by her strength.

Fast forward several months later, my dream of having a child with Down syndrome came true and my friendship with Erin just bloomed! It was like I won the lottery twice over. Honestly, what I have now is way more than the lottery can ever give me.

I hope you continue with us on our journey, and welcome Grady and Wes into our world with open and loving arms!

Pictures of me and my little boy!


10 thoughts on “Wes

  1. Thank you so much for your awesome blog, Adrienne — I can just tell you will be an amazing and fabulous mommy to your little Wes. I miscarried a baby with Ds 3 weeks ago and your blog has been a massive comfort to me. I only wish I could be on this journey with you with my little one. I was so looking forward to meeting him. So please keep us followers posted on how you are all doing!

    Congratulations and all the best to you both, with peace and love from Orange County, CA!



  2. Adrienne, your blog is amazing, and so are you! Thanks so much for letting me follow your journey…you will be a wonderful mommy to your little Wes. I lost a baby at 18 weeks that was prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome and I wish I could have had more time with him in this life. Good luck in your journey, and all the best to you and John!
    Peace and love from Orange County, California,
    xo, Amy 🙂

    • My heart and my husband’s heart goes out to you with your loss. We had a major scare during labor last night where we could have lost Wes. Thankfully, he pulled through. I would love to keep in touch with you if you’d like. Please email me whenever because I would love to provide as much comfort and support to you as possible.

      Thinking of you…XOXO

      • Thanks so much, Adrienne — I will definitely keep in touch. I’m so glad everything turned out great with Wes’ delivery…he is GORGEOUS!! 🙂

  3. Fanny says:

    Wes!!! es un hecho que serás muy amado. Bienvenido a este mundo! muchas bendiciones para ti desde Perú.

  4. leticiacvelasquez says:

    Love your movie, love your blog, but mostly love the idea that a mom is as excited about the journey as you are. It took me much longer to realize what a blessing my daughter is. Good for you two, you are starting Wes’ s life out with open hearts!

  5. How Beautiful! You guys will make fantastic parents and I know at least one of the grandparents will also be extraordinary! when our Sarah was born 14 years ago, we had no idea how wonderful our journey would be – Children with that extra chromosone truly are a blessing, and you will have a lot of fun with Wes. he will be your Angel!

    • Rachel says:

      I’m so excited to follow your journey! My little sweetie was born 6 yrs ago when I was just 22. She is the light of my life!
      You can’t imagine the level of joy and love your little guy will bring to your life! Congratulations!!

      • Thank you so much Rachel! It’s great to hear positive responses regarding our children. I cannot wait to see my little man, and I’m sure he will also be the light of my life!

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